ppl may hate me for this, but I loved MI 3 and its hand drawn design . it's what got me into going back to MI 1 & 2
missed out on playing no. 4 and played MI 5 full series.

the whole MI 5 series is seriously lacking in my opinion, there's just not that much attention to detail put back in it as MI 1 - 3 had. it just prompted me to reminisce on how good previous gags were and the level of intuitive jokes.
this wasnt my point but whatever.

the majority of those points aren't useless mr MI Maker. make a new game, rebuild scumm feed it to kickstarter, allow it to be sold via steam (ideally) be honest, have a small team make a game you'll love crowd funding shouldnt b too hard, youve got a fan base somethere. at least maybe they can have the game earlier than the rest or something. so the hardcores and the press can fund you (why not have the press pay you for early access? ) MI is dead, pheonix a new game in its ashes. have the game style just like you wanted for MI. LoVe it