The tense kept changing a lot for some reason - sometimes it's ".. the game WOULD be.." and then, it's "you WILL love the game".

Shouldn't it be "you WOULD love the game", if there are absolutely no plans on making one?

The list sounds pretty good, except for the 'full voice'. I HATE voice acting in games. Games are not movies. Games should be 'full of options, directions and choices for the PLAYER (not watcher/listener) to do and choose from', whereas a movie is just 'a linear story'.

Some of even the 'classic games' are structured like 'wannabe movies' instead of 'games'. There was a diagram in some old computer game magazine (from 1983, possibly), where this point was made visually - a game was lots of different lines going from different points to each other, and the player was free to move via any line to any point, but a story was just one line going through the points with no variation.

This whole 'voice acting' brings problems and it detracts from the immersion. When things are silent, you are more 'present', you can dive more deeply into the game. A voice constantly interrupts you, making you HAVE to listen to possibly a voice you can't stand, saying always the same thing in the same exact tone. So every time you make a mistake, you have to hear the same, annoying: "I can't do that."

With a text, there's no tone, so there is no annoyance. It's just text. You can just calmly accept that something didn't work.

There's also the fact that voice distances you from imagination - you now no longer have the option of imagining the voice differently each time you play, or the option to just not even imagine any voice, or the option to just deal discussions as 'discussions' instead of 'voice actors punching your eardrums with soundwaves constantly'.

Besides, there's the problem that DOTT talkie version made clear (and I think even the non-talkie-version's talkative intro); the voice actors would have to be 100% attuned to the game, the situation, and everything, to be able to express things correctly. Hoagie emphasizes the WRONG WORDS sometimes, and so do the other voice actors, and it becomes an annoying chore to have to correct them in your head, and also pulls you out of the immersion of gameplaying, because now you are no longer thinking about the game and feeling its atmosphere, but you are thinking about some moronic, big-egoed, greedy wage-slave with gimmicky clothes, sitting in a badly air-conditioned studio, reading some script to a microphone, and some director saying: "Ok, thats's good, everyone, lunchbreak!" after they have rushed that line in, and no one bothers to check whether it was actually the right intonation for the situation.

There are so many problems with 'voice acting in games' that I wish I could just obliterate the whole phenomenon, so I wouldn't have to try to explain all of them.

But I hope this post at least clarifies the surface of some of them.

If there's going to be such a game (why not Maniac Mansion 2a instead? It's more exciting to explore a mansion than some generic jungle islands, and I felt this way even when the recently-bought The Secret of Monkey Island box was opened by my greedy hands for the first time), perhaps the voice acting can be at least OPTIONAL?

And my humble request; if such a game is made, please include at least a small mansion in it (TSOMI has a one (1!)-room mansion, so it wouldn't really have to have that many rooms to be already much better).

Maniac Mansion made me love mansions, and then I never got to explore them in adventure games again.. sort of a shock and trauma.