Congratulation to Ken and Roberta!

Dec 06, 2014

Congratulation to Ken and Roberta for their Industry Icon Award. Well deserved.

Over the years, I’ve given Sierra a lot of crap, but the honest fact is that without King's Quest, there would be no Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island. It really did set the template that we all followed.

I’ve told this story before, but you’re going to listen to it again…

A few months into Maniac Mansion, Gary and I had a bunch of fun ideas, some characters, and a creepy old mansion, but what we didn’t have was a game. There was nothing to hang any of our ideas on top of.

I was feeling a little lost. “There is no game”, I kept saying.

We had our christmas break and I went down to visit my Aunt and Uncle. My eight year old cousin was playing King's Quest I. I’d never seen the game before and I watched him for hours.  Everything Gary and I had been talking about suddenly made sense.  Maniac Mansion should be an adventure game.

Without King's Quest, I don’t know if that leap would have happened. No matter how innovative and new something is, it's always built on something else. Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island are built on King's Quest.

We always had a fun rivalry with Sierra and they always made us try harder and be better.

Thank you Ken and Roberta and everyone else at Sierra.

Orn Arnarson
Fascinating story. I was never a fan of King's Quest, but now it will have a special place in my heart as one of the ingredients for one of the most special games ever made.

Demetris Thoupis
One has to appreciate both Lucasfilm/Lucasarts and Sierra as both companies pushed adventure games in their own ways in different approaches. I personally loved both companies' games. Competition is always healthy as it pushes each other to raise the bar higher and higher. Congrats also to Roberta and Ken. Seeing the new trailer of the new King Quests seems really close to the gameplay of The Cave. Now already people complain and categorize it as NOT an adventure game. I love the new style and it is a good way to push King Quest to new generation and look forward to seeing it (not more than Timbleweed Park though :D )

I have to thank all of you for so many years of entertainment and inspiration.

Good old times. Sierra and LucasArts games have a very soft spot in my heart. Also a warm thanks to Al Lowe for his funny and highly entertaining Leisure Suit Larry games!

My favorite King's Quest game was no. 6. Fantastic dialoge and narrative, much thanks to the great work of Jane Jensen.

Yes, the rivalry bit was great back then. Enjoyed both companies games. It was M.I. that gave the edge to LucasArts.

I enjoyed Sierra Quest games too. They were well written, fun, and had good puzzles. They had ONE FLAW that Lucas games did not. I dislike being put in a situation where you must start over or hopefully have a prior save to get the correct item. They also usually required a walkthrough. I still see this as a design flaw, that almost ruined me for adventure games. Then I played Loom, and Monkey Island. I had to explain the joke in the bar to my roomie.

Aah the memories.. navigating Roger Wilco around man-eating mushrooms and latex babes, protecting Larry Laffer from bouncers and STDs in search of latex babes... what an era.
Very much agree that virtually every Sierra Quest required purchase of a hint book that included a card with a little cellophane window.. oh the nostalgia!
I would love to escape for hours and hours again into the world of adventure games - if such a thing is possible in today's age of internet and always-on social media - playing for just a little more to find out what the next "room" will contain..
Here's hoping Thimbleweed Park is just the vehicle to transport us back to those magical times.

As innovative as King's Quest was, I have to give credit to the Chapman Brothers of Homestar Runner fame for adding humor worthy of a LucasArts title to the gameplay of King's Quest with their spoof "Peasant's Quest":

Ryan Henson Creighton
i'll never forget the day my mom and i went to the mall to buy a game for my computer machine. We weren't well-off by any means, and i only got about one game a year. It was going to be Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders.

... except that the one game store in the mall didn't have it. i asked the guy if there were any game stores in the mall, and he said no. He convinced me to buy King's Quest I, which by then was 4 or 5 years old. So i did. It was around 60 bucks, if i recall correctly.

i opened it at the food court and thumbed through the manual thinking "this might not be too bad."  Then, after lunch, we walked around the other half of the mall.  That's when i discovered the other game store in the mall that the competing store's clerk had lied about not being aware of. And that's when i discovered that store's copy of Zak. And that's when i discovered game stores' infuriating policy of not returning opened games, even when their clerks are lying scumbags.

Because of that incident, i've never felt so resentful towards a game series than King's Quest.  In hindsight, i'm grateful for the breadth i gained playing through Sierra's frustrating killfest adventure games, but let's be real: KQ1 is no Zak.

Ahwww... King's Quest. I fell in love with the AG genre with Indy3, but when my uncle showed me KQ5 I drooled over the floor.
It was just a matter of gorgeous backgrounds, music and overall mood, but sure it was also a great game.
Than Monkey Island came along, and it didn't have all that frustrating dead ends (the gum tree joke was the killer one!), it was fun as hell and it had pirates (everything is better with pirates, eh?!).

To me MIs are the epitome of AGs. Still I can see Sierra work raising the stake over the years, relentlessly, even if it was not my very cup of tea.

And both Lucas and Sierra has then be of inspiration to many others. We got Simon the Sorcerer or Broken Sword thanks to the work of both companies.

I became a computer programmer with the secret dream to create an AG. And who knows, maybe one day I will realize my dream :)

Thanks Ken, Roberta, Ron, Gary and all of you, for you made me a happy boy! :)

wow, Kings Quest had completely slipped into the ether of my memory.  As soon as I looked at the picture it came flooding back.  On a slightly different note I now remember The Legend of Zelda.  Monkey Island was good!