Ryan Henson Creighton
i'll never forget the day my mom and i went to the mall to buy a game for my computer machine. We weren't well-off by any means, and i only got about one game a year. It was going to be Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders.

... except that the one game store in the mall didn't have it. i asked the guy if there were any game stores in the mall, and he said no. He convinced me to buy King's Quest I, which by then was 4 or 5 years old. So i did. It was around 60 bucks, if i recall correctly.

i opened it at the food court and thumbed through the manual thinking "this might not be too bad."  Then, after lunch, we walked around the other half of the mall.  That's when i discovered the other game store in the mall that the competing store's clerk had lied about not being aware of. And that's when i discovered that store's copy of Zak. And that's when i discovered game stores' infuriating policy of not returning opened games, even when their clerks are lying scumbags.

Because of that incident, i've never felt so resentful towards a game series than King's Quest.  In hindsight, i'm grateful for the breadth i gained playing through Sierra's frustrating killfest adventure games, but let's be real: KQ1 is no Zak.