Ahwww... King's Quest. I fell in love with the AG genre with Indy3, but when my uncle showed me KQ5 I drooled over the floor.
It was just a matter of gorgeous backgrounds, music and overall mood, but sure it was also a great game.
Than Monkey Island came along, and it didn't have all that frustrating dead ends (the gum tree joke was the killer one!), it was fun as hell and it had pirates (everything is better with pirates, eh?!).

To me MIs are the epitome of AGs. Still I can see Sierra work raising the stake over the years, relentlessly, even if it was not my very cup of tea.

And both Lucas and Sierra has then be of inspiration to many others. We got Simon the Sorcerer or Broken Sword thanks to the work of both companies.

I became a computer programmer with the secret dream to create an AG. And who knows, maybe one day I will realize my dream :)

Thanks Ken, Roberta, Ron, Gary and all of you, for you made me a happy boy! :)