Please Join Us On Kickstarter

Nov 18, 2014

I'm going to keep this short.

Several months ago, Gary Winnick and I were sitting around talking about Maniac Mansion, old-school point & click adventures, how much fun we had making them and how amazing it was to be at Lucasfilm Games during that era.  We chatted about the charm, simplicity and innocence of the classic graphic adventure games.

We had to call them "Graphic Adventures" because text adventures were still extremely popular. It was a time of innovation and taking risks.

"Wouldn't it be fun to make one of those again?", Gary said.

"Yeah", I replied as a small tear forming in the corner of my eye*.

A few seconds later I said "Let's do a Kickstarter!".

After a long pause, Gary said  "OK".

We immediately started building the world and the story, layering in the backbone puzzles and forming characters around them.  From the beginning, we knew we wanted to make something that was a satire of Twin Peaks, X-Files and True Detective.  It was ripe with flavor and plenty of things to poke fun at.

So we're doing an Kickstarter for an all new classic point & click adventure game called "Thimbleweed Park". It will be like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered Lucasfilm graphic adventure game you’ve never played before. Good times for all.

Please join us on Kickstarter!

* The small tear in Ron's eye was added by the author for dramatic effect. No tear actually formed.


Silly!   i went and backed for $50.   put a link to the website so backers can go directly.

Ron Gilbert
Opps.... forgot the link... added.

oops, i thought the link at the top was supposed to get me to kickstarter, but now i see the one at the bottom

Noah Falstein
Ah, that's what Ron calls a basic-level puzzle.  Fun stuff!  If you can't find the link, you won't enjoy the game.

Ron Gilbert
Well, in all fairness, beta testers found the link was missing, so I filed a bug, we had a meeting, ran the fix by marketing, then fixed it.

bureaucracy and rigorous development processes are for people that don't understand their principles :P

Woot? No C64 & Amiga versions?!? Pffft!!! ;)

You should state which OS-platforms you plan to support. I would expect it to work with iOS and Android?

Now THIS is something I can get behind. I do hope it'll be available on when it eventually gets released. You know, for my friends who are weird about Steam and Kickstarter.

Since I'm boycotting steam... I hope it's not steam only.

Awesome news! I'm assuming you're using your own engine for this?

Mark Mckay
I got really excited for a second that that sealed box underneath was a hint of a soon to be released remake of maniac mansion. then I realised it was just a still sealed C64 copy of the game. still awesome though and I shall investigate your kickstarter with gusto

Demetris Thoupis
Anyone who could not see this coming from all of Rons' posts about adventure game engines etc would be dreaming. Ron congrats on the project. Looking forward to it. I hope you use more of the MI2 style because so far it seems more of a Zack McKracken/Maniac Mansion artistic style. I always adore MI2 artistic style it looked much more fluid and the right mixture of pixel art and high quality backgrounds and sprites. Congrats once again and I am certain it will turn out much better than Broken Age. I was hoping Tim would have made a game worthy of Full Throttle or Grim Fandango but it seems he lost the task in hand. How can you run out of millions of dollars for half a game when you asked just a portion of those comeon!!

Good luck!!


Demetris Thoupis, your idea of MI2 style art could be a great sequel! I don't think they can or should change the artistic style at this point, when it's publicized with this style.

Also 375000 is not a lot of doe when spread to few years time, but lets hope Ron and Gary can gather enough money for proper sequel -- with perhaps MI2 style art!

Hire me! :D

Yayyy Amazing!! :D
Just one question, is it going to be translated to other languages? (like Spanish ^^)

If you want, I'll be happy to stand around you while you make the game and look impressed. It will do wonders for your ego.

Congratulations and best of luck to you both! :D

I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! But man, you have one expensive autograph >_> maybe I can sell a kidney!

Derrick Reisdorf
Thank you, Ron!  I wish you and Gary loads of success in this endeavor!  May you have as much making the game as I'm sure we'll have playing it!  Damn.  It seems I've run out of exclamation marks.

Derrick Reisdorf
May you have as much FUN making the game as I'm sure we'll have playing it.  Maybe you should put a $1,000,000.00 pledge tier where the game will be released for the C64?

Derrick R.
I wonder if there IS some rich psycho out there willing to pay Ron one million dollars to port the game to C64.

As I was showing my buddy the kickstarter page, we both kept thinking up wild things we could do with different verb/item/interaction point combinations.


Yeah, we're both a little crazy.

Derrick Reisdorf
What kind of tuna head would use a balloon animal with a corpse?

Woooooo hooooooooo!!!!

Thank you!

This is the second most important thing in history.


On a side note, I feel that the higher pledge rewards are a bit too steep. Too bad, I would have loved a boxed copy.


You can have my support Ron! Finally it. is. happening!

Rum Rogers
Ouch, I was broke already.
And now you get my last 150 bucks.
Please have them, make this game!

I was dreaming with this for a long time, but in my dreams there's a MI2 style art.

I suppose we have to wait for that because after "Thimbleweed Park", there will be a new game with MI1 style art before the MI2 one!

Definitively, good times for all :)

BTW, you forgot the 1000000$ stretch goal: "Release of our new SCUTP engine to create your own graphics adventures!"

Demetris Thoupis
RON out of curiosity what is the engine you will use for the game. Would be very interesting to hear. Are you using coding from the SCUMM years or is it a completely new engine which is based on SCUMM?

You know it will be a success!!

Piergiorgio Lucidi
Ron you get my 20 bucks.

I hope that this is just the starting point for a new age of adventure games.

We all need great stories and puzzles from crazy heads like you!

Good luck and keep us updated ^__^

Michael Mai
Finally getting my absolution!

Patrik Spacek
I should probably say "wow, cool!"  but I wont, because I am not fan of pixel art at all. I just cant look at it on my 27" monitor or 60" TV. It's not even looking good on 15" inch. I am sure IGF will appreciated for such a game. Good luck! I am sure you will get the funding.

Benoit Fouletier
At the moment there are 2000 backers for the $20 tier, 700 for the $25: that's like a 35% conversion rate for a $5 joke: congrats, you can now apply for a job as a User-Retention Economic Guru Analyst :) !
A question though: what form does the absolution come in: vial, flask, syringe, e-card?

Marcelo Staudt
Not sure that joke is really a joke.
Back in the day it was piracy or not playing at all back in the day, now that internet and international credit cards make it possible I'll gladly give extra 5 dollars to the original developers.
ps: I'm writing from Brazil.

Yay! I am so looking forward to this game.
For once, I’m even considering backing it.

While I’ve never actually backed a Kickstarter project before, I have kept track of a lot of them, and I’ve seen plenty be funded and then subsequently fail.
Here’s some advice, take it with a pinch of salt, but it’s usually what destroys most Kickstarter projects:

Firstly, just because a project gets funded more than you asked, doesn’t mean you should make more. A lot of projects start off with a good plan, get over funded, and then completely fudge up that plan by using up all of the extra money. This is because of all of the extra development time, and unforeseen circumstances. If you get more than you originally ask, then use that extra funding as a reserve in case things go awry. Keep to your original plan.

Secondly, backers hate change, even if that change is a good thing. If soon after the project is funded, you decided to switch to a Day of the Tentacle artstyle, people would throw a wobbly (I wouldn’t, I’d love it). Just a word of caution.

Lastly, you only end up with roughly 74% of the amount that is backed. That is when Kickstarter takes their amount, and you pay the tax on it, and who knows what else.
Keep that in mind.

Sorry about the wall of text, I just really want to see this project succeed.

Gorba Mann
So I'm guessing you wen't and built some Scumm-like tools and maybe the engine itself. As others said, it would be really good to hear more about that.

Michael Mai
"Maniac Mansion (C) The Walt Disney Company"

Sure looks weird.

I hope it will be available DRM-free!

Demetris Thoupis
Hi Ron again!!
I am so excited for your project and would love to help.. Well my skills can be limited to an extreme Beta Tester if you need one. But I wanted to bring into your attention a girl I saw from Sierra Gamers who seems to be quite good with pixelated art and background perhaps you should have a look at her work and consider her since pixelated art is really not easy to accomplish. Loved your interview which I found online about the game but now seem to not find it!

In any case the girl Julia Minamata can be found on her blog here

Good luck again!!


Spooky Monkey
Ron, I am the biggest italian fan of your games.

Maniac Mansion + X-Files + Lynch + very hard challenging puzzles? I love it!!!

I hope this new game is also released for Mac OS x

Please make a spooky character based on Cigarette Smoking Man!!! :)  

Gary & Ron thank you! Your games are a great source of inspiration for my art.

One thing bothers me: You don't see what your cursor is on until you click on it? Like in Maniac Mansion...
Hope it's just temporary.

Chris Melby
Can we get a printable box option? :)

My allowance just went towards a Devkit and hiking boots so that I can go on long walks with my hybrid puppy...  So poor me can't afford the $150 option. :(

This. This is what we want. If you made a thousand games like this, i'm sure a lot of people would back them/buy'em all.

Congrats and goodwill to this project, i hope there be much more  like this in the future!

Great News Ron! I know that all the kickstart campaign is going to take most of your time but please please please * keep this kind of articles flowing (or maybe depending) as long as you can, they're absolutely fantastic!
Btw I also supported your project this morning!
All the best

Dr Fred
hope there will be a secret lab in the basement

Demetris Thoupis
Hi Ron,
Seems you will be reaching the goal and surpassing it. Please don't get toooooo carried away and dry the money out. Perhaps save them for another adventure game some plan for the sequel already. Or better yet.. update that if the goal reaches 5 million you will mention somewhere in a secret lab in a secret area in a non accessable during normal playgame in an impossible quest in a secluded area in a dark dungeon in a small pixel that you will pose the ultimate answer of the Secret Of Monkey Island! :D

Ron, yay!
Let me know if you want some trailer for that game at some point on a real C64. With the amount of data/animation that game probably cant be ported but I feel up to the task to code an official trailer. C64-Artists 'at my hand' as well :)
I did:
(which runs on an unexpanded C64 and was satiric of peoples demands)
I believe that would add a little bit of extra-cool to this amazing project ;-)
All the best,

to expensive the kickstarter, when the game is released you can find it for less money... i wanted to give 10 dolars for the game.... but...

Derrick R.
I don't understand why people complain about how much it is to back a Kickstarter project.  The whole point is that you DONATE towards something you want to get made, and you also get some neat rewards in return.  If people didn't donate to Kickstarter projects because they expected to get their rewards at cost, a lot of projects would never see the light of day.  If you don't want to see the game get made, then don't donate.  If you don't want to chip in a dollar even though you know you'd love the game being made, that's your call.  If you have no doubts the game will get made and you are fine with just waiting for the final release of the game and don't care about any rewards or any updates during development, then fine.
I was hoping to find a physical copy in box or some other physical reward tiers that were a little more affordable, but I'll find the one that's right for me.
I'll probably cough up for the $75 even though it's basically $25 for a .pdf.  Maybe I'll take it to a print shop so I can have it made into a physical version.  It's that or the boxed edition for $150.

Derrick R.
I would love to see a fake 5 1/4" floppy in that box!  ...And other things, besides just a manual.

I love how you say don't understand why people complain it's too much and then go on and complain it's too much.

Derrick R.
Comprehension fail.

Woohoo! This is sooooo coooooooooooooooool!!!

Sorry got carried away ;-)

Someone beat to the woohoo. Damn ^^

Dave Penn
What took you so long? Take my cash and. I think you have to pick up rug first or something. Need any artwork or animation. I'm a professional.
Such very good news, Ron. You didn't half make us wait.

Dave Penn
that was supposed to say CashCard. Autocorrect ruined my lame reference. Oh well.

Dave Penn
that was supposed to say CashCard. Autocorrect ruined my lame reference. Oh well.

Dave Penn
that was supposed to say CashCard. Autocorrect ruined my lame reference. Oh well.

Jenny Rabmonk

Good luck and I am so looking forward to this!!!!
look for Captain Rabmonk in the phonebook :D

Jenny Rabmonk
I need to add thimbleweed park to my collage now >_>

Derrick R.
I like it!


salty ride
Hi Ron, i live in argentina and kickstarter is not allowing me to give you my million dollars.
Is there a way to donate if we live in a non united states country?

salty ride
solved it. couldn't do it with broken age. but now it's available

true detective always did kinda remind me of the first Gabriel Knight game.

One of the people that tweeted you to do MI3 recenlty after re-playing MI2, Hi
I'm happy

Ron, you absolutely have to make a new post about stretch goals for people reading your RSS feed.

Would be amazing if "talkie" version gets made! That is the $675,000 stretch goal at the moment.

Some people still seem to think these sums are big and can't understand that 18 months is a long time to work full time, and it employes more than two people.

Ron Gilbert
Just posted about stretch goals. Talkies is at $625,000.

We're so close to the goal, I can smell it! Oh wait, that's just some bozo trying to roast the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle...

So much excitement!

Joshua Witt
An "Ask me about Thimbleweed Park" button reward would have been cool.

Mike McP
Oh, I'm in.  If my ineptitude isn't responsible for the death of a playable character (numerous times), strong words will flow forth.

I have contribute with 50$!!! i want my name in that phone book!! :D, good luck with the project!

Media coverage of these kickstarters blows these days. I only now hear about them when they are done (success/fail). So I can only console myself now with the knowledge of seeing the tiers that I wouldn't have pledged anyway as there was no old school size box at under 100 bucks. The "collectors" boxes aren't really collectible in future resale value expectancy terms unless the game turns out a classic. (Yeah, you could ask whatever price but is there any buyers is the question - and that's how I judge if Kickstarter is a good investment or not - I won't invest unless the pitch suggests that I get my money out of it if I wanted to sell the box)

So far I've only funded Wasteland 2 as it's the only kickstarter that had a box below $$$. Too bad the box sucked, it was not old school size or material. I estimate the value is about break-even for keeping it unopened.

"whole point is that you DONATE towards something you want to get made"

That begs the question of why would you give/donate money for something that is going to be worth less than what you donated to you? That's essentially charity/feel good act.

Some of us would actually like some great games to play. And by definition if it's great then a great box will have resale value, and thus we are talking about investing money to get a great game made, not donating money. Well unless you're not really caring about the quality of the product but only about feeling good about giving money.

If anyone didn't get the logic in investing in kickstarters from above:

1) it's not relevant what the game is about
2) it's relevant how good box artists are involved
3) it's relevant what materials the artists are using for the box
4) it's relevant how sturdy the box is and that it's proper vacuum seal
5) it's all about the desirability of the box art
6) price of the box tier should be such that there's not too much in circulation should the product itself suck, yet not overprice after 2-3 international shippings (so whoever buys it from you is also likely to get good value) I think this sets <100 as max for what I'm going to pay (shiping incl) and if I'm not sure about the prospects of the game, I suspect that's a bit much still, so it helps if there's also other good talent involved beside the box artist.

The last phrase its whats separate you guys from any other developer