Media coverage of these kickstarters blows these days. I only now hear about them when they are done (success/fail). So I can only console myself now with the knowledge of seeing the tiers that I wouldn't have pledged anyway as there was no old school size box at under 100 bucks. The "collectors" boxes aren't really collectible in future resale value expectancy terms unless the game turns out a classic. (Yeah, you could ask whatever price but is there any buyers is the question - and that's how I judge if Kickstarter is a good investment or not - I won't invest unless the pitch suggests that I get my money out of it if I wanted to sell the box)

So far I've only funded Wasteland 2 as it's the only kickstarter that had a box below $$$. Too bad the box sucked, it was not old school size or material. I estimate the value is about break-even for keeping it unopened.