If anyone didn't get the logic in investing in kickstarters from above:

1) it's not relevant what the game is about
2) it's relevant how good box artists are involved
3) it's relevant what materials the artists are using for the box
4) it's relevant how sturdy the box is and that it's proper vacuum seal
5) it's all about the desirability of the box art
6) price of the box tier should be such that there's not too much in circulation should the product itself suck, yet not overprice after 2-3 international shippings (so whoever buys it from you is also likely to get good value) I think this sets <100 as max for what I'm going to pay (shiping incl) and if I'm not sure about the prospects of the game, I suspect that's a bit much still, so it helps if there's also other good talent involved beside the box artist.