Hello Mr.Gilbert. I am a big fan of his work since I was a kid and played on my Commodore Amiga this great Maniac Mansion.
I am currently preparing a program about this game for my spanish youtube channel and I wonder if you could work out some questions about the game:
  When did you exactly start working on the concept of MM with Gary? I have understood you started at Lucasfilm Games in October 1985 with a three months to make the Koronis Rift conversion to Atari 800. Do you think it was around february or march 1986?
When you started with MM you guys already went to The Stable House at the Skywalker ranch or continued on Computer Division Building in San Rafael?
Did MM development and Labyrinth: the computer game development happened at once?
Why do you think Steve Arnold trusted you and Winnick to create your own project being newcomers?
Did you participate in the 1989 enhanced ports of MM? Do you know why they changed the color of the skin of the Edison family?
Thank you very much for your time, I hope I have not bothered you with so many questions. Thanks again for sharing this incredible design notes.