It's somewhat ironic, that the game that taught me the word "weird", and from which I learned so much english (this game doubled as an excellent english teaching tool, because you saw an object visually, and then the game would tell you what it was called, when you clicked it) -- actually has that word misspelled in the notes.

It's spelled "wierd" there. Et tu, Ron Gilbert?

The Commodore 64 version of Maniac Mansion is still the best computer or video game that I have ever played - maybe not so much in the gameplay department (there's too much running back and forth), but as something with the perfect, 1980s, autumny, starry-night, mansiony atmosphere that just can't be compared to anything else. Even the sound effects are, although simplistic-sounding, balm to the soul, and I used to be amazed at their authenticity as a kid.

The only problem with Maniac Mansion, in my opinion, was that it never had a 'true sequel' in the sense that there would be 'more of the same'. When I 'won the game', I realized it was over - and I wanted more. But Maniac Mansion is one serving only - there's no more of the same.

Day of the Tentacle was a wonderful, atmospheric, beautiful, funny and great game (with inspiring musics, too), but it wasn't really 'more of Maniac Mansion' as much as it was 'a computerized, interactive cartoon that can't be taken seriously'. I really didn't like its 'graphics style' - the graphics were beautiful in their own way, but why did every single wall have to be CURVED instead of straight, for example? It was like everything was distorted, and shapes and proportions didn't suddenly matter anymore.

And its SCUMM engine had regressed - suddenly, it wasn't possible for the players or the characters to SPEAK without halting the game completely. Speaking and walking didn't seem possible in DOTT, but in Maniac Mansion, you can read the sign in the beginning, while Dave's or Razor's mouth moves, -while-walking-around-. Try that in DOTT..

Those notes are so far away from what the game actually ended up being (thank goodness), it's very interesting to see.

I think Maniac Mansion isn't completely 'full' of dead-ends - I can't even think of that many that I have encountered. There are so many ways of achieving the same goal (getting rid of Purple Tentacle, for example), that it's almost hard to get stuck.

Of course you can get your character(s) killed, and that will obviously hinder the process, or can stop it completely. But real dead-ends? I'd like to know about them. Usually, the whole mansion is visitable, and there aren't rooms that you can't return to, except near the end. I guess there is a dead-end, if you don't have the Card Key with you before entering the laboratory.

And if you misplace the quarter dollar, you probably can't get it back - or can you? If you don't take the Yellow Key, you can't put the meteor in the trunk of the car.

But I wouldn't say it is -full- of them. Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders(tm) is way more guilty of those things.

By the way, it's not "320K", it's "320 k". An uppercase "K" means "Kelvin", a lowercase is needed to signify "kilos" (though if we want to be strict about it, an uppercase B is also needed, because otherwise, it's just "kilos", not "kilobytes"). So, the correct way would be "320 kB".

Perhaps one day (or an autumny night), there will be a 'true sequel' to this glorious, unique, atmospheric, most mansionic adventure I have ever played and enjoyed.

I wish more adventure games had realized that jungles and such are boring, and mansions are interesting and exciting, and would happen in mansions. This game really made me interested in mansions, and has made it a delight to watch old movies and such, where Maniac Mansion-like mansions are featured.

Nowadays people choose to make 'boring' stuff instead of 'exciting and interesting' things for some reason. Everything is either grey and boring, or just mundane and not that interesting. Mansions and starry autumny nights are interesting, walking in some city is mundane, and using a ship to get to a jungle island is boring (no offense to The Secret of Monkey Island or its only sequel).

I was so disappointed to arrive at the Mansion in 'The Secret of Monkey Island', just to have ONE room that you can visit inside, and not have any more of that mansion magic. Oh well, at least the night was starry, until Guybrush started captaining a ship - then it just became a mundane daytime game for most part.

For me, the most exciting thing was to stand in front of a new door, wondering (another word that I learned from Maniac Mansion) what the room behind that door might contain... and then enter that door and witness the glorious beauty and excitement that the room invariably always offered!

That kind of sense of exploration and excitement just didn't exist in any other game. I always wondered what the room upstairs of the stairs that are out of order might look like. Incredibly frustrating that you can't go up there or fix the stairs. And incredibly inspiring to the imagination..

No game (or movie) has ever teased and amped my imagination as much as Maniac Mansion did back in the eighties.

And the more recent efforts to milk the name have been pathetic at best, atrocious insults at worst. Maniac Mansion Mania just plain sucks. How dare they tarnish the name like that? They should've called it something else.

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