Lennart, there's no point in using a mouse in a game that doesn't specifically SUPPORT mouse on the C64. It will just act as a bad joystick in such a case. It will only support the eight directions, and there won't be any inertialike movement.

There were plenty of different mice for the C64, for example, the NEOS mouse, which was great for creating graphics and drawing. But you had to use the software that supported it - otherwise you would only get straight and diagonal lines drawn with it. It's a bit like today - if you don't have the drivers, your device won't work, or will work erroneously.

Even with the mouse support, I'd still rather play the Commodore 64 version with its joystick cursor a hundred hours in a row (with small breaks for eating and such) than even play the horrible Amiga (or later PC version) for five minutes. Everything that CAN be wrong in a conversion, was just so horribly wrong. From the tiny and pathetic, weak, dead sound effects to the ugliest graphics in an adventure game that I have probably ever seen. C64 version is a thing of atmosphere and beauty.

What happened with that conversion?

I don't think anyone is going to make a driver for the Maniac Mansion that would support NEOS mouse or the Commodore 1351 mouse (also Amiga mice work with the C64, and a few painting packages, like "Interpaint", actually support them just fine).

I think it's better that there is no mouse. It's initially frustrating, but then it becomes this zenlike-"flow" that you enter into, you can make a quick move and release the joystick JUST at the right time, and the cursor arrives perfectly on the target. It becomes a second nature, like a cultivated skill that has to be utilized if you are to complete the game.

And the game rewards the player with splendid wonders.

Paddle support would've been kind of interesting though..