One of the best endings ever to a game and the best cliffhanger ending to a game.  As a player, I found the ending both a satisfying way to end that particular chapter of the series, but it also made me extremely excited about getting to play the next installment.  

Unfortunately, that next installment completely missed the mark.  At the the time I couldn't understand what Lucas Arts was thinking.  It was as though I had entered a strange parallel dimension, because this felt nothing like the game I had fell in love with.  The worst thing about it is was that very brilliant ending from the previous game was just thrown away as though it never happened.  It had the effect of making MI 2's ending feel unsatisfying.  

One of these days, I hope there is some way for us to get to have the real MI 3 experience.  That excitement I had for the next chapter is still there, as I have chosen to treat any of the MI games that have come after 2 as bastard step children. (Especially 4.  What in the world were they thinking with that one?  3D 3 headed monkeys, oh my!)

To paraphrase one Mr. G. Threepwood, "“Please? Pretty please? Please pretty please with sugar on top, will you sell your soul to Disney and make MI 3?”  Seriously though, I hate that all I can do is beg you to do something that your are philosophically against.  I would ask though, who really owns anything?  When we all dissolve into cosmic dust, is anyone going to care that Disney owned something you created?  I don't think so.  I think that we should take advantage of the moments we have together.  

Yes, that is probably coming from a selfish place, but it seems like you want to make the game and it seems as though there are many people who want to see you make it.  If the terms are that Disney gets a big slice of the pie, then who cares?  Everyone knows who really owns it.  We're never going to have the opportunity to have this experience again.  

-A zealous fan