Looking at the calendar for 1990, I can actually remember what I did at that specific day. It's relatively easy as it was the first day of school for us (yeah, on a Sunday). And I remember that we got a new teacher that year, and I remember his introduction. Boy, that was long long time ago.
I don't remember when I got hold of the game though. You see, at the time there wasn't an option for me or for any of my friends to get an actual non-pirated version of any game. We didn't have any money, and anyway there wasn't anywhere for us to go and buy it. I assume it was available somewhere to buy in the country, because we did eventually get a hold of a pirated copy. But that might have been a seventh generation copy, lacking the manual. If we were lucky we got a legible copy of the copy-protection (I think we did get one for MI). If we were unlucky we had to crack the copy protection, or to find ways around it. Not very good for the game play experience, pretty good for a carrier in software engineering.
I hadn't even got to see the big game boxes. Life was very different at the time for us. Years later I ended up compensating for that and bought some of these original big boxes for a premium on ebay.
As for the game itself, well, it was the best game I played. It is still the best game I have ever played. I remembering saying it a few times to my friend that I was playing it with back at the day, and he agreed. We high fived whenever something crazy happened. We almost cried when we fell on that rubber tree and got the old Sierra's save early, save often box.
It was just groundbreaking. It changed the way we looked at games, it interacted with us, and broke some barrier that existed between us and the game. It was fun. Thank you!