I'm 21 (22 next month). I played Monkey Island for the first time when I was 4 or 5. We had this weird cover disc from PC Gamer which said it contained shareware games; Duke Nukem II, Wing Commander and others as well as The Secret of Monkey Island. They weren't shareware, it was all the full deal. So, sorry Ron but I might have inadvertently pirated Monkey Island and PC Gamer was my despicable enabler. My sister showed it to me first. We skipped the cutscene and I couldn't read too well and I figured given how the cursor was a weird cross thing I thought you were meant to shoot Guybrush as he walked on to the dock. I didn't finish it until years later when I got the Monkey Island Bounty Pack for my birthday, and even then I actually finished LeChuck's Revenge first. Dunno why.

I can't explain why it means so much to me, probably as much as you don't get why it means so much to people. But it does. I think it's because it's the first PC game I can remember actually playing and taking seriously, and actually enjoying. When I revisit it now I realise a big part of it is the humour which I get more now I'm older and the history surrounding it. Monkey Island really is part of the bigger package of my undying love and appreciation for the golden era of LucasArts. They are all works of art and each one has a reason for existing, not a single one was made (except maybe for The Dig I guess) just because you needed sales, each one was made because you wanted to make them, and that love comes through in the writing and the attention to detail you afforded them.

Monkey Island I think is probably still so endearing because games which are made with actual love and attention are so few and far between. Big companies are able to fart out a hundred Assassin's Creeds and Call to Dinners as often as they like because they're willing to hire hundreds of people who don't give a damn about what they're working on. On the other hand of course you do have the new wave of Kickstarted games which allow developers to show a bit more love to their creations and so I don't think the "next" Monkey Island is very far away.

On my shelf sits an original copy of Monkey Island 2 as well as the Bounty Pack. I'm still hunting for an original Secret, but they're elusive and very expensive. I had hoped the Thimbleweed Park box would join them but at the time the Kickstarter happened I only had enough to spare for the 'get the game' tier. I will spend a lot of time scouring ebay for a box after it's released though. Or maybe upgrade my pledge if I get lucky.

Anyway, Ron, you sure as hell made a great piece of work and I'll be playing it this month to wish it a happy birthday. Maybe I'll take it out for a beer. I think I've played it at least once every year anyway, though.

Well that's my two pieces of eight, I guess. Wish I could help you understand why it's so important to people but I guess it might actually just be completely inexplainable. Or unexplainable. Which one is it? My spell checker says both are wrong. It suggests inexpiable I didn't even know that was a real world. Is it a medical condition?