Jorge Luis
The first time I play with SoMI was in 1992. The reason I still remember the game is because the character. Guybrush is an antihero, he doesn't have muscles or a great brain, but he's humble and a nice guy. He travels across the sea, make friends (?), and finally gets the girl. All with a little touch of humor.
People like me who born in the 80's remember MI as one of the best graphic adventure games, above Last Crusade in my case,  just like Wolfenstein 3D is one of the grandfathers of the first person shooters. Now the games are differents, of course, the nostalgic force to make old-fashioned games, but game designers think that games need wonderful colors, graphics almost compared to reality (GTA).

If I want to see the original MI3? I don't know, maybe as Ron said it won't be the same right now. We have MI in a podium. I'm not saying it will be bad, but, IJ and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Starwars try to bring back old stories, and I'm not sure if they did it right.

Writing this post, I googled for "graphic adventure games". The first thing it shows me is:
Popular result in the web: The Secret of Monkey Island / Maniac Mansion / The Walking Dead / Day of the Tentacle / Grim Fandango / Sam & Max / Full Throttle / Monkey Island 2 / Fate of Atlantis. All games are from LucasArts (or Telltale for TWD). Maybe Sierra was prior, but the synonym for adventure is LucasArts.

Oh! Look behind! A three headed monkey!