Roberto "TUXX" Toia
The game that changes everything, in the way to point straight to the story, and that join me through all my life.
When I was in Highschool I was so impressed by Mr Guy.brush adventures that I started to make a sort of boardgame of it: I passed hours to prepare paper pawns with all the characters, making suffer the worst pain to my old printer. Then the project stopped, but I keep them in a little box, looking at them with a smile.
Then I remember when I went to my professor at the University of Tourin saying "I want to do a Thesis about the possibility of telling stories with videogames, using three examples (MI, Syberia and Myst)". He looked at me and started to laugh, than he told me something like "Yeah, I remember Monkey Island. Great game, but I  never managed to finish it. Let's to this."
So happy birthday from my heart to this little great pirate, and for the deepest, hidden secret of his game: if you want to be great in your life, you don't need to be the greatest hero: if you THINK, using your brain to find new ways to solve problems, you're ALREADY a great hero.

PS: Ron, I'm still waiting about the ossobuco affair :D