"It’s hard for me to understand what Monkey Island means to people. I am always asked why I think it’s been such an enduring and important game. My answer is always “I have no idea.” I really don’t."

It's because you guys did what you loved.

It's because you loved what you did.

And it's because it shows.

Goodness, does it ever SHOW in your games! You've put so much into it, and you had fun all along the way. You never tried to make something marketable; you didn't do things the way you did because you thought they'd sell well, you did them because you you wanted to do them that way. Because it felt right. Because it was fun.

It shows, both in Monkey Island and other games of yours, and the feeling's transferred to the players. Players feel the same fun when they play the games; they feel that this is a labor of love. That's why people loved it, and why people keep on loving it.

Look at any successful game, any game that still has a following decades later (DOOM, for instance, to pick one from a radically different genre that nonetheless has an enduring and thriving fanbase) and you'll find that the same thing's true. They're all labors of love, and fun.

And while I'm at it - congratulations on Monkey Island's 25th. And thanks, thanks to all of you on the team there, for making some of the greatest games I've ever played.