Monkey Island is my favorite game, closely beating out Link's Awakening. It just got so much so right.

Guybrush is such a lovable, positive, relatable person. I really identify with him, struggling to achieve his goals, always falling just a bit short, but still never giving up.

In general, all of the characters are interesting and have personality. Even the "bad" ones seem like they have relatable motivation, and, in a different situation, you might get along with them quite well.

Elaine in particular is a fantastic role model for girls, I think, particularly for a time when there were very few good female characters in games. She's self-reliant, powerful, and smart. Even the way her kidnapping is handled shows her as a strong, independent person.

The whole story in general is just really well written and perfectly paced.

The world-building is freaking incredible. The pirate society, the way people interacted, it's just fantastic. I wish I could experience it for the first time again.

The gameplay is really good. There were some puzzles that required a bit of thought, but I think none were unfair, and the harder ones made figuring them out all the much sweeter.

Oh, and the music, particularly on the Mac version. To this day, the opening music is my favorite videogame music ever.

I even liked the beautifully drawn "cut scene" images from the Mac version that showed quite realistic pictures of some of the characters from the game, which I think were not in the original game, and which Ron is not a huge fan of. Seeing them really made me feel like I was getting a glimpse into a real world inhabited by real people.

In conclusion, the reason why people still love this game is because it is very close to perfect. It tackles a lot of different, hard things — doing puzzles in an adventure right, telling a compelling story in a videogame, having meaningful character development, humor, etc. — and it does all of them really, really well. It's just a huge joy to play. Which is why I play through it again every few years.

Thanks for this game, Ron!