Derrick Reisdorf
Happy belated birthday, Monkey Island!

You were certainly not my first experience with adventure games but certainly one of the most memorable.
What I felt made the game most endearing was its humor, shown through the dialogue of the characters and some of the puzzles.  But, it was definitely more than that- the mood from the setting and music, and the feeling that you were part of this living world.

The games you have made have definitely been some of my favorites: Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and The Cave.

I was too old to play any of your Humongous Entertainment games, but I'm sure I would have loved them as a little kid.  I liked pop-up books which provided a form of interactive reading (Jan Jankowski's Haunted House was my favorite).  And, I remember LOVING the books of Richard Scarry which made me feel like I had some kind of window into this bustling alternate world.  As a little kid, my video gaming choices were pretty limited: Pong, and Intellivision.  I'm sure your Humongous Entertainment games would have blown my mind back then.

Anyways.  Thank you Ron for doing what you do!  You have brought pieces of happiness and joy into many peoples lives!  May all your creative endeavors bring You as much happiness and joy for the next 25 years.  ...and may they also bring you financial success.  Because money is nice.