The Silent Man
It would take me a book to explain what Monkey Island means to me, how it deeply affected my fantasy, my childhood and even my daily life and how it still does, decades after.
In 2015, at the age of 29, I still use dozens of quotes from the games and swordfighting insults on daily basis (yes, nearly everyone who knows me ends up loving or at least knowing Monkey Island). This very morning I remember using the sentence "Hai le maniere di un mendicante!", the italian translation for "You have the manners of a beggar!".
Artworks of Guybrush are still hanging on these walls, my library is filled with different versions of all games (including the big 5.25" floppy versions), official hint books, (no longer) talking voodoo dolls, bottle-shaped t-shirts and a home-made rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. I often wear Monkey Island t-shirts, including the rare one that says "It's a great day for spitting" with the relief green spit on the front.

I would spend a fortune to let another Monkey Island 3 see the light. Maybe it's never too late for it (as you can see) but time flies and it's time to reach with a decision - which leads me to some questions:

1) Current situation is worse than my nightmares could be: Monkey Island is property of one of the world's most valuable brands, which probably is not interested in selling the IP.
Is it "impossible" to have another Monkey Island without owning the IP?
I mean, is it better to let Mickey Mouse tread on Guybrush and never let another Monkey Island 3 make history (and perhaps the never-achieved commercial success it deserved)?

2) There are thousands and thousands of fans - and the power of the internet which you didn't have back in the '90s.
How can we, the people, help making it? Besides the crowd-funding campaign (which would make history), what can we actually do to make it happen? And I mean actually.

I don't see what's the point in keep talking and dreaming about it... if there is no chance to see it and no plans to try and make it coming true. It's time to get started... or forget about it and keep playing the timeless masterpieces.

Thanks for changing my life!