Learned English by playing Lucasfilm games? Check! (Although it was by playing Zak- I'm almost 40 now)
Insult swordfighting! I remember seeing an advertisement for MI in a game magazine in 1990. But we didn't have an "IBM compatible " -as PCs were generally referred to at the time. So there was this kid in my class at school who did and he had a copy of MI!! Just talking about it was thrilling!
So I first finished Maniac Mansion and Zak on C64, and then went on to buy monkey madness (MI+MI2 VGA CD-ROM) a few years later. A few years later, I remember downloading images of CMI on the university computers which were connected to this new thing called the internet. So probably my first Google search was Monkey Island or Lucasarts or so. Of course Google didn't exist, perhaps it was a yahoo search on Netscape. I only remember it taking ages. Yes, I did like curse of MI. Anyway, a few years back, at work I suddenly hear this mobile ringtone, just a few notes before my colleague picks up, and I went: "all right, MI!". Recently played the special editions- after 20 years I did forget most of the puzzles, so it did feel like playing them again for the first time!! Interestingly I also made the same errors, getting stuck and only remembering "wait, this looks familiar". Spitting contest!!
Currently playing Tales of MI for the first time. And installed MI an MI2 of my monkey madness CDROM onto the android of my daughter, so she can play them and learn some English. Circle is completed.
Happy birthday Guybrush, Elaine, Herman, Voodoo Lady, Meathook, Carla, Otis, Lemonhead, Stan, three important looking pirates TM, men of lower moral fiber, Fettuccini brothers,... And all those monkeys- especially the three-headed kind! Yipes!