I used to get the LucasArts newsletter along with the Sierra one, but I can't remember what either was called. They're still in storage. I had the Indy Last Crusade game that I saved up for, and played until I had figured out every last thing about the game. I once drew a picture of my dream computer that had six floppy drives in it because we didn't have a hard drive and I didn't know what one was. Because Please Insert Disk 1,2,3,4,5,6 - all the disks are inserted at the same time!

Anyway, as a broke preteen in the late 80s/early 90s I only had a few hints about this crazy game. I'd buy game magazines just to get a couple of screenshots and comments about a game that might eventually show up in my local store. And that only mattered if I had the money saved up and I could find a way to the mall.

So I finally got Monkey Island and it blew me away. Monkey Island 2 as well, which I didn't even know was coming out. I just happened to find it and happened to afford it, and it was MINE. I remember countless hours in the nebulous space of adventure games, ignoring cries to mow the lawn.

Then I got a sound card (that I to save a huge $200 for) and it made all my games a thousand times better - once I figured out how to install it.  Same thing happened when Sam and Max came out on CD ROM. I bought it only knowing it was going to rule (knew Steve Purcell from the comics in the newsletter). But I hadn't figured out how to get this weird CD drive thing to work yet in my 486. Having the proper motivation, I got that drive working and gamed away that very night.

This was supposed to be about how much I love the original Monkey games, but I think you get it. I'm old.