I've read old posts in which people talk about buying rights, maybe through a kickstart (by the way, why this blog doesn't have a feature to highlight new replies? If you reply to an old post, even an important one like in the section "support" in TP blog, it might be lost in oblivion...).

But I don't think that buying rights could be a realistic option.

The only thing that could happen (who knows) is, if Thimbleweed Park will be a great success, that the owner of the rights of MI could let Mr. Gilbert to direct the new project with total freedom.

It is all a matter of power. If somebody has the power of moving the crowds so much, if his name is feared in every dirty corner of the geek community, if he has such a huge hardcore fans cohort ready to transform such a tiny project a planetary success, then HE has the power to convince a major house that HE is the only person who can put those rights to their best use and give the biggest return they could.

I didn't know Ron's blogs, so I even didn't know he was interested in 2D-point-and-click adventure games anymore...
Now that I know HE IS, why shouldn't I HOPE for a 3rd game?

Or, why shouldn't I DREAM of a deluxe box set with all the three games, a beautiful booklet full of production pictures and notes, and a poster? :-)