mr. T
Happy birthday MI and my humble thanks to the creator!

I think for me the magic was being able to go on a great adventure. And not just an ordinary adventure but a pirate™ adventure! I mean every kid loves pirate™ stories, right? In addition to that the wonderful art, catchy tunes and the witty humor, incredible characters.

All in all I consider Monkey Island almost more organic™ than a software product or a game. It has so much friendly heart and unique soul in it. Art in short. Those disks belong in a museum! :)

Hey people, shouldn't we the fans be doing a petition™ to Disney now? I mean MI just turned 25 and all. Let's celebrate and let them know we want Ron to continue the story? At least something would be more right in the world if the Monkey universe™ would be kept alive and breathing with new addition(s). That being at least a possibility gives me some warm fuzzy feelings. And Thimbleweed Park™ does too.