Hi, I'm Luca, I'm 41, and I'm from Rome, Italy.
It's about 40 minutes I'm trying to write something about me, about how I started using Vic20 when I was 8, about what Amiga meant in my life, about when I've put my A1200 in a pc case, about when I've bought AmigaOne, that I resisted till 2005 before I had to buy a PC, that I've learned my weak english using Amiga, that I was in Amsterdam few months ago celebrating Amiga 30th anniversary, that sometimes (often) I still play the original Monkey Island again and again, etc... but I understand that I could never say enough, and I understand that I don't need to say too much 'cause everyone that is writing or reading here already knows and shares my very same feelings.

So...I'll just say thanks to you Ron, to Lucasfilm, to Commodore (damn), to SCUMM, to Stan, to LeChuck, to Elaine, to the Voodoo Lady, to Herman, to Largo, to the Lookout, to Carla. to all the other guys that I'm forgetting now, and of course to my friend Guybrush, for making me spent many, many, many nights dreaming of being a pirate (and I mean it).

I hope you can fix everything with Disney and do a new (real) Monkey Island. Of course I hope for it and I know I will love it, but at the same time I know that it will never be the same, and it's not your fault of course, but mine, because you never forget your first love.

Thanks again Ron, I wake up every single day hating my job and you...look at this many people thanking you after 25 did something huge, and you've changed my life.

Now please....
.....Turn your computer off and go to sleep!