Johnny Walker
Thanks for creating MONKEY ISLAND, Ron. It's a game I've loved ever since I read the review of it in AMIGA POWER, shortly before I got my first 16-bit computer for my birthday (an Amiga).

I LOVED the game from the opening moment. It was just perfect from start to finish. It had a wonderful game world, threw in an earnest and likeable lead, and then never ruined that world -- something that could have easily happened. It never got overly cynical. It never lost its sense of humour. It didn't decide halfway through that it needed to get "dark" and "serious" in order to make a point. It remained consistently delightful.

Every secondary character fell into a recognizable archetype that also somehow felt fresh and different, too. There was a Sword Master on Melee Island, a pirate with such skill with a sword that nobody could beat. In another game, the character would be a dull trope. A sage monk-like warrior, perhaps, who spoke in Zen parables. Or maybe, a terrifying, booze sodden Captain, called "Death Beard". A maybe a gigantic barbarian with a giant broadsword.

In Monkey Island she was called Carla.

Monkey Island did that sort of thing a lot. The world Guybrush inhabited was a fun place that loved playing with your expectations. And Guybrush himself was just as lovable -- earnest, funny and not in the least bit jaded.

There was a lot to love in Monkey Island, and even now I'm approaching 40, I still boot it up and let myself love it again.