Hi, Ron! Happy birthday to Monkey Island and thanks for this piece of art in the history of videogames.

I'm from Spain, sorry for my horrible english. I knew "The Secret of Monkey Island" in 1999. In an era with 3D graphics, I fell in love with this world of pirates, voodoo, ghosts, grog and monkeys. I played "Monkey Island 2" inmediatly too. I played "Monkey Island" every weeks throught the years. This games are important in the history of videogames and they are funny, magic and uniques.

When I discovered "Monkey Island", I was in a bad time of my life, I was depressing. But "Monkey Island" made me laugh and helped me to recover.

I was obsessed about "the secret" during years, I was too much nights without sleep, thinking about it, making theories. It's fascinating. I would love to see a "Monkey Island 3a". I hope that the luck be with you and you would can get the rights. Thanks for the magic of "Monkey Island".


To Disney:

Please, people of Disney, can you help to Ron to make another "Monkey Island" game? Can you sell the rights to him? I think that the world would be a better place with a "Monkey Island 3a". The people would be a bit more happy with a "Monkey Island 3a". And everybody would love more Disney and Ron Gilbert with "Monkey Island 3a". We need a bit of magic in this world. We deserve something good. I will send you a chicken with a pulley in the middle if you sell the rights to Ron. Thanks.