It's still weird to know that Monkey Island is only a year older then myself. Unfortunatly I can't remember Monkey Island 1 clear, but I know that I knew it and the whole game was familiar when I replayed as teeanger it myself not only watching my older brother playing it. I remember those neat copyright saftey thingys though.
For that I can remember Monkey Island 2 clearly. Guybrush in his nice blue coat, Wally B. Feed - of whom I though he had one big eye because my kid self didn't realize it was his monocle - and of course Zombie LeChuck. Oh, Zombie LeChuck this small pixaleted sprite, as kid he frightend me with his goofy walk cycle, spitting while talking and chasing you through this strange underground tunnle. These last scences of Monkey Island 2 give me slight creeps till this day and it's fantastic! Also that telephone in the deep jungle of Dinky Island is not to forget. I don't know what the lady in the orginal english version says as I only ever played the german version, but in the german version she complained that the translaters were having nightmares as they didn't know how to translate all the puns.
With this: Happy Birthday Monkey Island and thank you Ron Gilbert for creating such an awsome game with so many lovable characters (Wally B. is my favorite till this day, I don't know why)! I will pressing my thumbs forever that Disney will make a Monkey 3a possible!