Well you might scoff, but I do know my credit card number by heart (and no I'm not joking). It begins with 5, the CCV begins with 8 and the expiry begins with 0 and ends in 2019.

So if I have a hankering to buy your new game (once released) I can do it without ever having to look at my card. Think of the convenience! In truth it does come in handy when shopping online.

I wonder if Ron used one of those "credit card number generator" programs popular in the mid-90's among the less-than scrupulous people! To those who don't know what I'm talking about, this was at a time when online retailers would often use an algorithm to verify the card-number was "genuine" before being manually entered into an eftpos machine offline. I doubt you could get goods like that - after all as soon as the number is entered it's shown to be false - but you could use it to flood your competitors with 100's of invalid online orders they would have to individually check. Ah, those were days. And, that's just like something Guybrush would do!

A while ago I had a telemarketer call me and tell me "I'm calling to tell you you're going to have a discount on your next phone bill". So I said "thank you so so much", he tried to speak I said "no thank you, this really means a lot to me" he tried to speak I said "I've been waiting for a discount for a very long time thank you very very much". When I let him speak he said I had to move to his company I said "Not a problem!". So he asked me "do you have a a credit card" - "of course I've got a credit card" I said. "What type of card is it" he asked I said "Elmo-card". He said "what type" I said "Elmo card".

Barely able to contain my laughter he said "what type of card is that" I said "surely you take Elmo-card the most commonly used credit card in Australia?" So he asked for the number I said (something like) "5353-51331-3353-3535" (he then asked me to repeat the number twice, which I did) "I'm sorry there seems to be a problem with the credit card number, do you have another card?" I said yes of course, this time I gave him a slightly different number, something like "5535-5335-3335-5335" (and yes it really was just 5s and 3s).

Anyway, then after that didn't work either I said "you do realise this isn't my phone-line?" He hung up! LOL Ah that was hilarious (it wasn't my phone either it was a work phone and he'd never asked if it was mine, LOL).

You should definitely incorporate some kind of joke based on this into Thimbleweed, just make sure you credit where you got the idea from! If you do it right it will be really really annoying for the player, which I think is a great idea!