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Join right now, a forum ruled by female players ! You're welcome, that you are a gamer, a gamer girl, a streamer or a female streamer, you will find your place. Streams are organized by female streamers from the staff, who are pleased to play at many games, recent or older. Are you a female streamer ? We give you the opportunity, that you're a newbie, or that you want to enlarge your public, to broadcast your stream directly in our site, in front of our community. A good way to start !

The website has also a french Agario server, unique in the world ; it's the 1st server with exclusive game mechanics. There are timed game sessions, "Bonuses" which enable you to increase your speed, your mass, or moreover to be invinsible during a few seconds. A chat is available to interact with other players, you just have to register to enable this feature. Latest news, further mods and a wheel of fortune are available. NEW ! You can create or join a clan, and have access to advanced features ! Meet us at !

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