Translations Achieved!

Nov 30, 2014

Demetris Thoupis
Hi Ron,
It took you a while to update your blog. Are you still on the happy dance?

So... some of my non-KS supporting friends have been asking if the paypal button will be coming soon. Or is it already somewhere...? :D

Thomas Braun
When the campaign started I was like "Wouldn't it be awesome if Boris Schneider actually did the translation again?"
It's amazing that you actually thought about it, too.
I prefer to play games in their original language nowadays but of course I had to play it in German back as a kid and Boris actually did a great job. It will be even more of a time-travel experience now.
Just please make sure there aren't any untranslatable puzzles based on English puns. (Yes, I'm talking about the monkey wrench)

Regarding $4 million stretch-goal for c64:

Nowadays there are persons, who maybe could help:

Furthermore, today almost every active c64-user has a 16Mb-REU or an (1Mb)EasyFlash(-cartridge) ;)

Hopefully from interest for later projects....

Btw, awesome blog-design!