Rum Rogers
This is VERY interesting.
I was trying to do some reverse engineering on the puzzle structure in Monkey Island 1, in order to test the expressivity power of the engine I'm programming.
I don't know if the pros agree, but I found myself more comfortable using "hierarchies" of Puzzle Charts, going from the most high level down to the details.
For example, this is the Puzzle Chart describing Part1 of MI1, in the most generic way possible, I think:
Then, at a lower level, I came up with this middle-level Puzzle Chart:
High level charts just WAIT for events to be fired by low level ones, while low level charts specify the chains of verb-action combinations that FIRE the events waited for by the higher.
Arrows define sequencies, while lines describe parallel dependencies.
I'd like some feedback from Ron, but I know time is gold, so these are just my two cents.