By making an analisys of most games I realized that along with puzzles there are what you´d call a "stopper": Something that is not logical and is there to slow the player down when Wally is taken, there´s nothing logical that tells you that there´s a cage in the swamp... you just need to walk everywhere and you just find it. Funny, but not logical.
The puzzle where you get Largo´s [Lord Jack´s LMAO!] loundry ticket after closing the door of his room is interesting beause is like a blend of a real puzzle and a "stopper". There´s a logical reason for the ticket to be there, but is only a posibility in a thousand. I think it´s also one of this puzzles that couldn´t be done without a verb tab, and it´s clever because nobody closes a door. It´s also interesting that a variation of this puzzle is seen in DotT where you need to close the door in order to get the car keys.
In the graph you posted, this loundry ticket thing doesn´t appear. Well, that make sense since clearly you fill the graph later with the actual puzzles, that´s why I was wondering if along this you had a list of free ideas to fit there.
Clearly the stan-nailed-into-a-coffin is a fantatic idea, it´s also dependent of another good one: sawing the pirate peg leg to get the nails, yet some other puzzle are not really puzzles: Turning down the gas of Ralph Scallion´s kitchen is funny but is no puzzle (and the fact that you have to search for the house without clue makes it a "stopper"). The library puzzle (the one about the books) is a pretty mean "stopper".
So I wonder how many good ideas you try to get to make a really good game like MI or MI2 and if this is the first thing you do.