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Posted by Ron Gilbert on May 17, 2013 half past six am

Well, first of all, 90% of the market for apps is on iOS. That's just the reality. Very few games are successful on the Android unless they are free to play or were huge hits on iSO first. iOS users buy a lot of app, Android users do not. I blame Google for this.

Second, I love programming in objective-c. It's a brilliant language and people who hate it have never really used it. Scurvy Scallywags is written entirely in objective-c. porting it to Android is no easy task (complete rewrite) and there is just me. I don't have a company or a team of programers, it's just me.

That said, I would love to get the game on Android. If they game does well enough for me to pay someone to port it, that is my first priority. There are some frameworks that allow objective-c on the Android and I am going to look into those once everything is done.

Anyway, those are the reasons.

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