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Posted by velcrogoblin on Jan 3, 2014 half past two pm

now everyone seems to LOVE the cave.

asi soon as i started the game i said "this art is incredible".
then i went on and became frustrated with some things that made the game tedious (at least to me). and i didnt like the physics.

after i finished it with the first set of characters i said. "it was ok".
and a few weeks later i couldnt stop myself from playing through it again with the rest of the characters.
now i think you made a great game. and i really like it. and i hope you continue doing things that grow on people with time.

but in the end, success came immediately when you were making it right? who cares if millions of people like it or pay for it. i can see you love what you do, and that's the only important thing here.

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