Talkies First

Dec 08, 2014

We’re going to swap the Talkies™ and the iOS/Android stretch goals and here is our logic…

We've heard from a lot of our backers through the comments, private messages and emails who want full voice in Thimbleweed Park. It might be a vocal minority, but it’s a lot more than just a few people. Gary and I also want to do full voice. I love hearing characters come to life though a great actor, it makes the game a lot more accessible, and it’s just a lot of fun to do.

The other reason is that distributing mobile versions to backers is way more complicated than PC/Mac/Linux, so we’re stuck in this situation where backers might need to buy the mobile versions and that’s a little awkward. Plus mobile ports are something we can potentially fund later if we don't hit the stretch goal, but voices need to be done as part of the initial development.

So, for these reasons, we’re going to swap the stretch goals to put talkies first and the mobile ports second. Of course we could still make both goals, and I hope we do! But if we don't... well, it feels like our backers would rather have talkies.

We hope this doesn’t create too much confusion. We wanted to give you some insight into our thought process. Gary and I like to think stuff through and not be impulsive. We might be a little slow, but we try to be very steady and reliable and in the end that's why we'll hopefully make a great game that we all love.

This doesn't mean we won't have iOS/Android ports.  I do most of my gaming on mobile and it they are really important, but it felt like the Talkies™ should be integrated into the main development, plus mobile players will get to enjoy them as well.

If you haven't already, please join us on Kickstarter!

Derrick R
Makes perfect sense to me.  Where do I apply to do the voiceover work for the balloon animal?

Derrick R
And, we all know most people don't like to be readin'.

Thank you Ron. This was a good decision. Voices are much more important than mobile ports.

Hadrien D
And if you need a French accent for a despicable character I could always apply too.

Regarding $4 million stretch-goal for c64:

Nowadays there are persons, who maybe could help:

Furthermore, today almost every active c64-user has a 16Mb-REU or an (1Mb)EasyFlash(-cartridge) ;)

Hopefully from interest for later projects....

Btw, awesome blog-design!

If you don't get to talkies, use typewriter text.  It makes it more immediate when playing the game.

So we are only 11k away from talkies... Only... 11k. Damn it, why am I not stinking rich?

We got talkies!!!