Hey good luck for you guys making this game! Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken were my favourite games on C64, their worlds seemed so open, full of possibilities. They were also my best language teachers. I think adventure games were quite important for finnish kids (maybe for other non-english speakers also) learning english.
    Funny that Lucasfilm Games seems nowadays just as magical as back then. In those days I didn't know any developers, artists or programmers of my favourite games, there was just this really good, deep, complex and fun feeling I recognized.
    But yeah great that you try to make something similar, using graphics you have to look and fill with your own imagination at the same time, focusing on puzzles and deepness of story and characters.
    Just got my C64 from my parents house, mainly for making music, turboboosted it's audio capabilites with second SID-chip. I read many people would like C64-version of this game, but maybe that's impossible. Would be cool though if someone released a really good C64 game nowadays! There are some really impressive programs for C64 today that would have dropped your jaw on the floor back in 80's and 90's (mssiah64 for example). This is not just nostalgia, because nowadays there's no machines with unique graphics and audio system (synthesizer) to make unique games for that machine only. Maybe that's good thing also, but I miss that (so maybe this is nostalgia after all).
    What I'm trying to say is that this kind of game you are making is not just nostalgia trip for me, because there's something magical and also relevant for today in game with primitive graphics, but deep complex mechanics, where you imagination and games mechanics make the story. You sort of feel that there's whole world moving and thinking and making jokes beneath those pixels and transfer something from that world imaginable for yourself using your own images in your head + esthetics of the game.