Dec 14, 2014

Really excited we made the Talkies stretch goal. Knowing that an actor is going to read lines you wrote is always exciting.

To answer some questions a few backers (or potential backers) have asked...

Yes, you will be able to turn the talkies off and just read the text.  Yes, you will be able to display the text on screen and listen to the talkies, or not display the text and just listen to the talkies.  And, yes, you will be able to skip each line if you like hearing the voice, but read really fast.  Back in the SCUMM days, the '.' key would end the current line and I plan on implementing that in Thimbleweed Park.  It will cut off the audio, but that's OK because the player is doing it.

Thanks so much for everyone's support and belief in this project. It's going to be a really fun year! Gary and I can't wait to start up the dev blog and start talking about the game.

Will the dev blog be available to non-backers?

Ron Gilbert
The dev blog will be open to everyone, not just backers.

Derrick R
Congrats on hitting those stretch goals!  Who cares about that last's just boring trying to make the same game work on phones and tablets.  :)

I haven't backed the game yet, but I'm definitely in tomorrow, so maybe I'll be the one to make you work more .  I would have liked to chip in for that collector's box, but Tiny Tim needs a new crutch for Christmas or something like that.  So, it's the $50 tier for me.

David K
So glad you got the talkies stretch goal. I feel like voice done right can add a lot humour and nuance, even to an already exceptionally brilliant script.

I'm interested to see if you end up poaching any of the old LucasArts voice talent. I imagine the demonic vocal stylings of  Denny Delk would feel right at home somewhere in Thimbleweed Park.

Is it hard to set up the 35$ back via humble/paypal payment?
I have a very good feeling about the soundtrack (and the game) but don't have a credit card. I'll go with absolution nevertheless so don't feel guilty. And also thanks for that recipe you shared in that german game magazine. Made me start cooking. Wuhu.

Greetings from germany.

Mike McP
I remember emailing David Fox in the late 90's, mentioning how the old Lucas stuff got me into programming.  Now, 20+ years later, I hate him for leading me down this wretched path of despair and self-loathing.

I'd love to see how the game develops, because there's probably alot of geeky people like me who enjoy the tech stuff.  [REMOVED TEXT DUE TO RUDENESS]...I want the nitty gritty puzzle charts and code snippets, laid out by people who I wouldn't be caught dead with in public.

I hope you won't disappoint!

I'm going to buy this game, but I'm afraid to back it now.  I'm worried that if I add my support, then the mobile goal will get funded and I'd rather this just be a desktop game for now.  Yep, I'm being selfish. :)

But if the game does get funded for mobile, will you guys support Android's mouse and Samsung's SPen( It's a Wacom stylus with hover and secondary button. )?  ScummVM supports both. I can use an actual mouse on my Android tablet or my stylus like a mouse.

And I own multiple copies of Monkey Island 1/2, and many other Lucas Art GAs.  Does the playable copy of Maniac Mansion that's inside DOTT count as me owning that game?

Mike McP comment about Tim was a joke, and it certainly wasn't intended to be derogatory.  Sorry!

Why no German Talkie version?
Germany and Pont and Click fit perfectly.
We love the kind of game.
Please add a good old nerdy synchronization like the German DOTT has.