Congrats on the new look!! Just love it. Even typing right now feels greattt!

I feel like I need to say this:

- Monkey Island changed my leisure time habits. Maybe because of the maps, the adventure, I felt like traveling while on holiday, and I went abroad many times, some of them on my own! I was more curious about life, a pity my humour sense did not improve much...

- I played the second one first. Then played the first one. Many times.

- Then my sister played them.

- Then my friend played it.

- I don't have a dog.

- I have "Big big castle" running on my iPad. I play everytime I'm on holiday.

- I loved playing The Cave. When the camera scrolled down, and I saw that bonfire, and the character selection... It was only then when I really understood THAT quote...

"I feel something, a presence I have not felt since..."

- Yes, I played Maniac Mansion first of all. That was the beginning.

Show must go on.