[TLDR: Ron you are a genius and I regret using pirate copies instead of buying your awesome games when I was young]

Dear Mr Gilbert,
My parents are reorganizing their house and, from a forgotten drawer, some old CDs popped out. They apparently contain obsolete programs for Windows 95 and other useless stuff. But they made me check them out before throwing them in the thrash, and ...
... one of them contains Lucasfilm games.
Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Monkey Island 1 and 2, the two Indiana Jones, Day of the Tentacle, Sam&Max, Loom.
I tried them on DosBox, and they are still perfect. (And for some of them, for the first time I can see them in full color, because when I was young I only had an old piece of junk with CGA card and monochromatic display - I still remember that the biplane manual was totally unreadable so my friends and I had to go the long way round with the airship, and--- but I'm wandering off).

It immediately made me happy: "Those old, awesome games! And they WORK! I MUST show them to my children!".
I was so excited, but ... but then suddenly I became sad.
Yes, because these are not original games. They are copies. PIRATE copies. Friends passed them to me at school, along with the (now lost) copied code sheets. So, as you know, some of these games can't run. Yes, everybody knows that cracked versions of the games and/or code sheets are just a click away on Google: but I don't even DARE to do it. I just feel... WRONG.
I remember W.B.Yeats' poem, the one about being "young and foolish". I bought so many crappy games that sucked and were quickly forgotten and I did not buy your great games that became classics... why? Probably because they just were there, because it was easy. Now I feel ashamed. I was a pirate, a pirate that can't atone, a pirate that cannot return back the loot because there's no more ship: LucasArts is just a label now, a completely different thing, you and your colleagues now work in different companies...

I'm sorry, and not only for this specific case. I'd like to teach my children to be honest people who never cheat and never steal. But how can I do it, if I'm a pirate myself? One day, I will tell them "Use only original software!" and they will easily reply "You hypocrite, YOU DID used cracked software! EVERYBODY does! Now shut up, we have to use the Mule to download the last Hollywood blockbuster movie, like every smart person on the planet does... why should we pay when we can have something for free? And why should we pay when you did not? After all, Ron Gilbert and his colleagues did not starve to death, and you paid even too much money to George Lucas by buying those horrible DVDs with Hayden Christensen superimposed over Sebastian Shaw!".

Sorry, Mr Gilbert ... you are a great artist and I'm not worth anything.
You and your colleagues designed, wrote, programmed, painted, scored, tested (etc etc) a lot of masterpieces, you gave me and my friends hours of fun - and a kind of fun that requires THINKING, not just FIRE-FIRE-FIRE and KILL-KILL-KILL the enemy. And I never rewarded you for your work. This is bad, but I understood it too late.
I wish I had a Chron-o-john to go back to the Eighties and Nineties and buy your games, but all that I have in my hands is ... just a shattered, fake diamond ...