I actually started buying Lucasfilm Games games after I realized how great Maniac Mansion is. When I realized, no other game has even come close to its greatness, I stopped. Oh well, at least I bought ZakMcKracken, The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2:LeChuck's Revenge, Day of the Tentacle and Sam&Max Hit the Road. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Loom suffered from me just switching platforms from C64 to Amiga, a transition that made my wallet empty for a long time, plus I suffered from the retailers promising Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for the C64 'in two weeks' every time I asked them.

I guess that made me a bit bitter - if they had just told me that Lucasfilm Games won't be making any more C64 games, it would have saved me a lot of grief and gnashing of teeth. But it was a bit annoying to always have to switch platforms to keep following the game trail. Just when I thought I can have/buy all the future Lucasfilm / LucaArts Games (they changed the name around this time, I think) games, suddenly there were no more Amiga versions, and now I had to buy a PC to get The Dig working.

I managed to get the Macintosh-version of DOTT working on my Amiga, with the ShapeShifter emulator (Macs used the same motorola CPUs as the Amiga, but I of course had a 68060, which was faster than Mac's fastest 040 CPU, so everything that worked, ran great, and faster than on any actual Motorola CPU-based Mac. But alas, The Dig just didn't work.

After The Dig, LucasArts games didn't interest me much anymore. The 'true sequel' to Maniac Mansion never arrived. No other game made me feel or experience what Maniac Mansion had made me feel and experience.

The Dig had unique, wonderful musics, and pretty glorious graphics - but somehow, the game itself was a bit boring and confusing, and in the end, not that interesting, despite the exciting premise and the promise of other-worldly wonders. And admittedly some really eye-pleasing artwork and animation.

Now I wish I could buy Maniac Mansion.. just to finally get the original version of it. What? I still have a few working Commodore computers - who doesn't? A great computer never becomes obsolete, because it can still do the great things it always could. And of course the C64 has the SID synthesizer that can't be bested by any modern synth (especially when it comes to atmosphere), and Amiga (especially the later AGA version) of course has those wonderful graphics tools for pixel graphics creation, among other things..