Wow, this is a quite old post (11 years today is 2/11/15, go figure) I have arrived this web from thimbleweed park, wandering arround I have reached this post and BANG "let there be light". I have finally understood what it was that made me LOVE games like Monkey Island I and II, and many other adventures from LucasArts. I love adventure games, have played tons of them, but now I know why I abandoned many of them, why others had something (I didn't know what and thanks to this post I do now) missing, and finally THE MASTER PIECES from LucasArts.  This post has been very enlightening, I have allways known I loved those games, but I didn't really know what it was, this post points the real stuff that makes a great game, but I think a couple of things are missing, GREAT STORIES & GREAT HUMOR. Those were the only things I could recognize by myself when I first played those games :-P