Andres SXXXX
Hi there, Ron! I'm a hardcore adventure gamer (my favorite genre if we pretend RPGs don't exist) from Argentina. I have the fondest memories of playing Maniac Mansion when I was ten back in 1990. I still have the old monochrome XT here at home and all my floppies in a neat box =)

I actually learned English playing these games. Lucasfilm(Arts) and Sierra where all I cared about back in the day. I agree with your points about adventure games.
I remember playing a Space Quest in which, if you used an item you'd die like half an hour after doing so, completely out of the blue. It was cruel as heck and took me a while to figure out what caused my demise.
Another ridiculous device was employed in...let me see, guess it was Larry 2. You had to abandon a ship in a lifeboat and I recall dying and restoring the game until I had EVERYTHING right, since you had to use items BEFOREHAND. It was a disaster.
But I'll admit I adore Sierra's dark sense of humor.

Of course, my favorite game was your Maniac Mansion. Loved the cutscenes that popped from time to time. BUT, I was kinda "meh" about the timed blackout. That aside, I ended up beating it without any help so I felt like a smart mofo =P
The only old Lucasfilm game I didn't care much about was Zack McKracken. It was harder and more unfair than most Sierra games. I know David Fox was the one in charge and I know Sierra had a huge influence in the adventure games of old...but having to restart all the time because you ran our of money... I don't recall any indications of where to fly, or what to do. It was all trial and error. There were SO many ways to screw your game it wasn't funny. It was one of the few games I couldn't beat back in the day...
Anyway, if we leave that fiasco behind, Lucasart games are the best of the best.

Wow, what a boring message XD Sorry, Ron! I don't know what I'm saying anymore =P Good luck with Thimbleweed Park!!!!