When Al Love decided to do Leisure Suit Larry on Kickstarter one of the first things I did was link the "Old Man Murray" article.  I'm not sure if he saw it or not.  Anyways it was through sheer obscurity that I quit playing adventure games in the late 90s.  The puzzles went from logical to obfuscated.  I felt like I had to pixel click every screen with every item I had in my inventory before moving to the next scene.  Perhaps part of this was to boost hint book sales... just guessing.

Although I loved Maniac Mansion, I loved Zak McKracken.  The game seemed huge.  At the time it felt like open world such that I can go to all these places and even to Mars.  The remote in the couch puzzle was one of my favorites; yea it was short but it made sense.  It was something that a lot of folks experience and had felt natural.  As oppose to the example from old man murray where you had to create a fake mustache to impersonate another character who didn't have a fake mustache so you had to amend that guy's passport with a pen and draw a mustache.  Wtf...

You're the first person from the old adventure days that made a reference to Old Man Murray's article.  I'm happy you're on the same page.  By the way The Cave was awesome.