Jan 1, 1980

It's always hard to write your own about pages. I should have my mom do it, she always has nice things to say about me.

I started making games because I loved to program and I loved to tell stories and the two seemed to intersected nicely.

I wrote a program for the Commodore 64 (greatest computer ever made) called GraphicsBASIC that extended the rather boring built-in Basic that include commands to gain access to the graphics and sound.

In 1985 I got a job working at Lucasfilm Games (now called LucasArts) porting Koronis Rift and Ballblazer from the Atari 400/800 to the Commodore 64.

In 1986 Garry Winnick and I created and designed Maniac Mansion.

During it's production I developed the SCUMM system (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion).

I co-designed the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade adventure game with Noah Falstein and David Fox.

I am also the creator and designer of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.  A game about a pirate.

I am the co-founder of Humongous Entertainment where we made some amazing adventure games for kids like Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam.

I was the producer of Total Annihilation.

I co-created DeathSpank with Clayton Kauzlaric and was the designer of the first two DeathSpank games.

I worked at Double Fine for two years making a game I've had rolling around in my head for close to 25 years called The Cave.

I am now working on an iOS game with Clayton Kauzlaric called Scurvy Scallywags in The Voyage to Discover the Ultimate Sea Shanty: A Musical Match-3 Pirate RPG or SSITVTDTUSS:AMMTPRPG for short.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Hawko on Apr 1, 2005 quarter to one am

Start making Monkey Island 5...

This aint healthy...

Posted by Cancer on Aug 20, 2005 five am

No, start making Monkey Island 3!
Monkey Island 5 shouldn't be, and the same for Monkey 4 and CMI.
I don't even consider them official sequels. MI is Ron's game, only he knows what MI3 should be like. And I think the entire Monkey Island series was planned as a trilogy, so... MAKE MI3!!!!!!!!

Posted by Fuz on Apr 26, 2006 twenty five to five pm

Agree 100%

Posted by Prospero on Apr 28, 2006 one pm

Me too! Agree 1000%0!
Now I want to play again (another time...I did it thousand of times) monkey 1 2 3 and 4. I have to thanks Ron for The game, really magic. But yes, we can maybe save MI3, but MY4...3D...orrible. I just can say that I played it just one time!
I hope a MI5 will come out, but it should be 2D! I mean, don't give a damn about new technologies with iper-mega 3D cards. People who love Monkey Island, that are people who BUY Monkey Island, want it like the old school game! at least this is what I can got from the discussion on Internet...

Posted by DopeManOne on Mar 31, 2007 twenty to five pm

never call CoMI MI3!!! it definetly is NOT!!! its a boring and unfunny game (imo)!!! its a cheap try to mimic/continue MI (imo)!!! FAILED!!!

pleez give us the real MI3 with the good old scumm, not even the fancy DotT style. (great for DotT but won't fit with MI).

or cooperate with the guys from ttg ;)

Posted by derkbs on Aug 24, 2006 quarter past six pm

yes, its time o make 3a!

Posted by drunkymonkey on Apr 1, 2005 twenty five to two am

basically this translates to: Ron still lives with his parents and regulary visits naked communes.
That is a joke by the way, no need to get too excited

Posted by Bacon on Apr 1, 2005 six pm

where can I get a translation of this crap?
It bugs me that I still can't read it.

Posted by Nan O'Nagan on Apr 4, 2005 quarter past nine am

for the translation go to here http://grumpygamer.com/contact. This guy will translate it for you.

But he better finish the next cartoon first.

Good work Ron. Keep it all coming... more input Stephanie, more input.. I mean Ron.

Posted by Graeme on Apr 23, 2005 ten past four pm

My Visual Babbel fish is having problems transalating this.

Posted by Ezequiel on May 8, 2005 three pm

We who played Maniac Mansion salute you : )

Thank you for every good game you brought to this world hahaha.

I�m sure you received many e-mails telling you this, but well, It would be really great if you made another Maniac Mansion game.

By the way, the animations are really good, you are right about new games. I�d like to big game companies take a look to the crap they are selling, instead of pay so much attention to their bank accounts.

from Argentina,

Ezequiel '79

Posted by Someone on May 13, 2005 twenty to three am

you are a genious. i know your games but when i come to this blog i was surprised. the recomendation of aristoteles for the story, the figth for better game journalist, the humour, the good articles, the defense of independent games, the latin presentation etc...

are you working in any game today?, its a shame waste all that talent.

Posted by i k a r i on May 21, 2005 quarter to midnight

I want to know the @#$% Monkey Island Secret..Why are you making us suffer like this!?...well blah blah blah you're a genious...and all that @# you already know...

Thx for making such great classics...really...
My respects.

From Argentina...

i k a r i

PD: Guybrush is really a...-well I'll let you finish- U_U

Posted by defender on Jun 10, 2005 half past eight am

latin non amat!!!! ego non vult legit fatuus sceleste latin.

Posted by Bacon on Jun 10, 2005 twenty five past six pm

Oh shit defender, you gotta translate Ron's about thing there for me. Send me an email if you will. Go on, do. It's been bugging me for ages.

Posted by 7u15MK on Jun 14, 2005 four pm

man your game is awesome, it ispired me to be what i am today, i don't know what kind of crapy job i would have if you never made monkey island. i owe you a big one !

anyway, just make us a big promise, Don't TAKE MONKEY ISLAND SECRET TO THE GRAVE :D

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Jun 14, 2005 twenty five past four pm

It's in my Will, that upon my death (of natural causes, so don't any of you get any ideas), that the secret will be revealed.

Posted by Johnny W on Jan 20, 2007 noon

Er.... I always thought that the Secret of Monkey Island was just either a) There's a giant dead monkey in it (a nod to King Kong?) or b) that simply LeChuck and his crew were hiding there? or c) a cool name for a pirate adventure game where you get to visit Monkey Island...?

Is it REALLY something else?

Posted by Kuno on Apr 26, 2007 twenty five to five pm

I believe the secret of monkey island is a hidden place where you'll find a canister filled with chainsaw-gas.

Posted by Whup on Jun 16, 2005 nine pm

Do you really wanna know though?  I don't necessarily doubt that its funny / clever / amazing, but the Secret of Monkey Island is the biggest, most significant mystery in computer games!

Its unlikely it could ever live up to the hype, and I for one reckon the mystery is oh so much more fun than knowing could ever be.  =)  

That doesn't mean I don't enjoy it when Ron drops a hint of course... ;)

Posted by Ardalan Samimi on Aug 25, 2005 five past ten am

You're a pirate?

Posted by Verwandlung on Jun 15, 2005 twenty five past ten am

Ron Gilbert est oculus omnia perspiciens...

Posted by Mirik on Jun 15, 2005 ten past noon

Tum podex extulit carmen horridulum!

Posted by hentai_sama on Jun 22, 2005 twenty five to eight pm

oh god...
it's... you... god...
i will shave my head, because you are my true god of genius...

btw, lucasgames est cunnu...

Posted by smelly on Jun 27, 2005 ten to nine am

Posted by Brandon Franklin on Jul 2, 2005 twenty five past seven am

Wow.  That translation TOTALLY SUCKS.

Posted by William Where on Jun 28, 2005 ten past four pm

A Ron Gilbert's Blog!

I won't ask about the Secret (I don't think it's anything special), but I would really want to know opinions and, if it can be, Ron Gilbert's own commments, about the ending of Monkey 2.  

I don't find it bad, but I know a lot of people think it's anticlimatic and simply nonending.

Is there any place to read about it? Care to comment?

Thank you.

Posted by Jeff on Jul 2, 2005 half past noon

This is about as strange as it comes.

On a lighter note, LucasArts seems to be giving up on adventure games to turn out yet another series of shitty Star Wars Games (exception: Kotor). I really hope their Indiana Jones game is good...

Ron Gilbert, the gaming industry needs you!

Posted by Lacey on Jul 13, 2005 five to eight am

Monkey Island > everything

Posted by Christian on Jul 15, 2005 five to five pm

I "learned" latin in school but i have forgotten everything. :D
Good side btw. :P

Posted by Bletchley Park on Jul 30, 2005 twenty to five am

Dieser Text ist nervig. Sicher nicht selbst �bersetzt, oder?

Alea iacta est. Ora et labora, non scholea sed vitae discimus....

10 annos sufficus sunt!

Posted by space ace on Aug 9, 2005 ten past two am

hello from the bulgarian fans!

Posted by Francis on Aug 11, 2005 ten to ten am

Les heureux hasards du butinage ! Tomber sur le site du cr�ateur de Monkey Island...

Monkey Island Taught me how to speak English. I owe you much.

How I wish I could have had a job like yours !


Posted by chalito on Jul 25, 2006 twenty to eleven am

Same here, we were taught english at school, but it was very very basic. MI was a big help!!

Posted by ds on Aug 24, 2005 twenty past eleven am

funny comics

Posted by andrew on Aug 30, 2005 quarter to eleven pm

Thanks for the games! Back in the day, i was in heaven, me as a kid, MI and no worries, work, etc!

From Russia with love.

Posted by Aaron on Oct 1, 2005 half past three pm

Amen to that :(

Posted by AMJ on Aug 31, 2005 quarter to ten am

Mr Gilbert, thanks a lot for so many funny hours playing your games.

Just a question: is this (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112760/) a coincidence or is it related to you in some way? I can't see your name in the writing credits.

I think I've found the Secret of Monkey Island and is YOU: you work as a game designer during the day and as "The Masked Scriptwriter" when the sun goes down. Don't worry, I'll keep secret your secret identity.

Greetings from Spain.

Posted by fabewalker on Sep 16, 2005 five to two pm

hi ron gilbert!
my name is fabian and i'm from germany. you created a monkey-island community worldwide. go on with the series - go on!

es lebe ron gilbert und seine unvergleichbaren adventures!


Posted by kiki on Sep 26, 2005 seven pm

Ron Gilbert, you ARE one of my three Gods.

I sing to thee:
     Make Monkey Island 5, with all your pride, so we can see Guybrush one last time.
     We miss, we love him, we want him back.B
     But most all we miss the humor that other games lack.  

                              Kiki-- I feel like a vegetarian cannibal

Posted by Jaap on Sep 30, 2005 half past noon

I think this whole page might be a typical example of "Lorem ipsum".
Which means that it is nonsense latin.


Posted by Aaron on Oct 1, 2005 twenty five to four pm

Just to be random... One day as a kid I sat and read the Monkey Island credits at the start of the game and totally freaked out because one of the programmers had the same name as me (Aaron Giles).

Strange that Monkey Island would be my favourite game too. Thanks Ron :)

Posted by identy on Oct 28, 2005 twenty five to eight pm

monkey islands VII the mirror.

thank you very much by your work.

Posted by Simon on Nov 13, 2005 twenty five to two am

Yeah, like all the others: Please give us Monkey Island 5 or Monkey Island 3 (depending on, wether you count they crappy nr.3 and 4...) Its amazing, i just finished playing Monkey Island 1 the first time after 1992 or something and it still is way better than all the actual splatter/slaughter/super3d-games! So please please give us some more Monkey! Do the Monkey for me! SIMON

PS: Just wanted to tell you the mythtv thing is the geekest thing ever!

Posted by Jamal Abdou Karim Bengeloun on Dec 4, 2005 twenty to nine am

Has any of you seen the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer?

Hmmm... So the bad guy lead is called "the Monkey"... He reminds me of someone... You know a guy who's brother's name was Guybrush...

I suppose it's okay since the special effects are made by ILM... But...

Posted by Javier Podavini on Jan 16, 2006 ten to one pm

Hi to everybod, I'm from Argentina. With some friends we recolected some topics of forums and comments arround the world and we got this that the true secret of monkey island, I want that Ron confirm the teory.

MONKEY ISLAND 1: (the secret of Monkey Island)

Guybrush, his brother Chukie(LeChuck) and his parents went a day from sun to the park of diversions Big Whoop. Guybrush like any other common and current boy of 8 years this fasined by the park and its attractions, so fasination has is ended up losing of his family. This does not matter to him to the small Guybrush that is let take by his imagination giving rise to a chain reaction of fantasiosos dones...

All we know that the much of this small one is the pirates; Its first attraction: M�l�e Island. Incredible Wow thinks. When entering it is crossed a person who sends it for the SCUMMBAR when she tells him that she wants to become a pirate!

While we can really see some of the tracks of which Guybrush this still in a park:
- there is a spending machine in the STAN business
- a rower Is able to overcome to sword masters (tipic of a park)
- a treasure in another one of the tests Obtains to another rower when unearthing.

Possibly Guybrush becomes a pirate in its imagination. But their parents in the long run realize that the this lost one and commands to their Chuckie brother in search of. Guybrush is noticed of this and the deep thing of his imagination the frightful LeChuck pirate transforms to his brother into his enemy whom he loves to exile it of his beauty fantasy to take given back it to the reality.

Many things happend (Guybrush knows Elaine, kidnap it to Elaine, Guybrush travels to Monkey Island, etc. everything within the park and in the imagination of Guybrush.

MONKEY ISLAND 2: (the revenge of LeChuck)

Good, finally Guybrush win to the pirate lechuck (it gave a shock him to his brother) then that it wants to continue with his imagined history. Listening on the legend of the treasure of Big Whoop, the possible prize max! it thinks then that for will convert about the pirate but known the Caribbean
it must find this treasure. Guybrush finds east treasure in the Dinky island -- a coffer of treasure buried by four employees of the park who gave to tracks (since surely they did with all the boys of the park) the treasure him contains a E-ticket. the possessors of E-tickets can enter parks (ej: Disney) then of the closed schedule of. This it is a true treasure for Guybrush! serious a dream the power to save to its world of fantasia then of the closed schedule of since its brother can not to bother it. Maybe his brother listen about the price and begin to search too.

But hardly Guybrush finds the treasure, LeChuck appears given back. Guybrush miraculously overcomes it, but it is not the end, LeChuck takes advantage of I tie that they have and victim is made to overcome it emotionally, catching it in the end.

An employee of the park sees them in tunels of maintenance and he outside takes with his parents aim to them of the game.

You ask yourself then as island is the monkey secret?

very simple:
Fantasia, imagination. The mind of a boy

Sorry for the English :( I talk Spanish only

Posted by Robby on Feb 1, 2006 five am

Hey Ron!

Thanks a lot for your phantastic work on MM, MI ... !!
Those times were great times! Unforgetable!

Posted by Malc on Feb 2, 2006 twenty five past six am

Mornin' Ron

I am sitting in a pub with a pint of Grolch lager in front of me and have been wearing a stupid grin on my face for the last hour.  

Because, I am playing Monkey Island on my PDA.  (Thank you ScuumVR)

The only downside is I had to buy reading glasses as I was squinting and peering too much at the screen and needed them to find the ultra tiny items like "string."  

If the steam model had been adopted back in Lucasarts day, I may not be experiencing your wonderfull game now.

Thanks Ron.  Again.

Some of the wordplay in MI2 reminded me of this old one:

A woman walked into a bar and asked the Barman for a double entendre -so he gave her one...

Posted by Ezequiel on Feb 2, 2006 half past nine pm

Ok. Here I'm. It?s 2:32 AM, and finally I got to play the god damned MI4. Jesus. Ron.... I need permission to say a bunch of horrible things in your site. They really made me angry. $#!@% PLEASE let me put it in words. The game sucks SO BAD, that I?d rather play Solitaire the rest of my life.

It has bugs everywhere, errors, story telling problems, more more more....

To the company that we all know who it is. STOP RUINING MY CHILDHOOD GAMES (some insults here).

Ok... I?m really angry. Sorry.

This is like when the made Batman III, IV ... THEY SUCKED because they took away the people who made it work, in this case Tim Burton, more.

Last comments: We were talking with a friend of mine last week that one of the issues that we think took away the magic it?s the quality of the graphics. Think about this, when the graphics on Pc�s were lousy, you just HAD TO IMAGINE, the rest that was not defined. Now they do everything for you. With 3D there is no imagination; there is just what they want it to be. Leaving what ur personification of Guybrush in the trash.

Ok.. too much. Keep it Up Ron, give us another big game, and maybe we can afford the car you wanted so much : )



Posted by Ezequiel on Feb 4, 2006 half past nine am

Tum Te Tum .... I�m going to the fridge to get some Cheese : )

Posted by Ezequiel on Feb 4, 2006 quarter past noon

I lost my hamster! If give it to me, I�ll fund your project :P

Posted by Ezequiel on Feb 4, 2006 twenty five past five pm

All these people being gratefull ... me included... this is a great presentation card for you. isn�t it ...

Are u currently developing anything?

Posted by haamodi on Feb 10, 2006 ten to eight am

Posted by haamodi on Feb 10, 2006 ten to eight am

halo all ! i eyad ok ! i need help ! if 2one here men israil ! etkasheer l2lee! 3la al rqam 0525953810 ok ! all byee

Posted by Fearo on Feb 13, 2006 five pm

I don't want to see another stupid, 3d(!), Monkey Island game.

Pls do something :(

Posted by Viradu on Feb 19, 2006 ten past six pm

Thanks for the great games!

I'm another guy from Argentina. Ho Ho Ho! (Cool comics/animations, too!)

Rock on!

Posted by Mike on Feb 28, 2006 twenty past seven am

Just so nobody has any doubt, that's not real Latin.

(This is my tenth year studying Latin, in grad school right now).

But hey, who cares? The games were great.

Posted by Olafur F on Mar 7, 2006 twenty five past two pm

Thank you for making the best adventure games in the world! I still play MI from time to time ;)

// a fan from Iceland

Posted by PrayingWolf on Mar 19, 2006 five to ten am

Thankyou indeed for your work on MI 1&2. I just played through MI1 yesterday after introducing a girl to it. You want to know that she liked it and laughed at all the jokes. And no, I didn't play it through for her - I left her to do that on her own. I just helped a bit at the beginning...
The "girl" is a 35 yo. Maybe the next hit for girls/women are classic graphic adventures like MI :) They are so "social" games - no physics and 3d. You need to pull the right strings to get things going - and girls know how. Sorry for long post.

Posted by Fure on Apr 2, 2006 quarter to four am

Dear Ron,

As I read a few minutes before, you would like to buy the rights and develope the real third part of Monkey Island. Now, my question: What do you think would that costs? Another little question: Why did you leave Lucas Arts? Did you have to go? Why doesn't you try to develope a new game with a great story? You write in a few topics that the game industry only forces the technology and forgets innovations in the story. Why don't you try to make it better? Sorry, Ron, but in my opinion you shouldn't only critizes the game industry, you should try to make it better. I know that you are a great designer. Use your skills in a new, good game!

Posted by Epsilon on Apr 6, 2006 ten past eleven am

Thank You For Monkey Island Saga, they was the best of my adolescense, and of course the best game of the world, did you think in continue making scumm games? I think that lots of fans are waiting for it. Thanks

Posted by Brendo on Jun 11, 2006 twenty five to eleven pm

Monkey Island 1 & 2 are the best,  I still play them both and re live the fun.  Another monkey game would make the world a better place :) .  Thanks Ron.

Posted by Zack on Jun 21, 2006 eight pm

Ron, thanks for creating the greatest protagonist ever!

And Stan!

Also, I wanted to see if you knew about this:


Dun dun dun (if you don't see it, scroll down... and some other parts are on the previous page).

I think it actually gets some of the game's feel, and at the very least at the end I was a bit sad it was over.

Oh, and just because I have to say it, a.) what are you working on now, and b.) why is it not Monkey 3?

Posted by Johan Pilestedt on Jul 4, 2006 quarter past nine am

MI 1-3 rocks, even tho the third one isn't ron's, it still fits, and the voices makes everything so spicey :)
Still, ron - you rock!

I really hope a publisher will finally listen to you, and if I had won the lottery i'd happily donate some of it =) Then again, I don't play the lottery cus I think it's a waste of money ;)

Posted by URL Fairy on Jul 10, 2006 one pm

Funny animated pirate short movie

Posted by ethan on Jul 23, 2006 five to noon

I'll be honest...
I never knew about this site neighter who was Ron Gilbert, yet I grew playing all sort graphical adventure games. Among them, the first one I've played it has always been my favourite one... it was "The Secret of Monkey Island". Recently I've decided to start collection Adventure games and suddenly the name Ron Gilbert became familiar!
So here I give my sincere congratulations to the genious mind behind the greatest games that ever existed! RON GILBERT, YOU'RE THE BEST!
I'm really ancious for the next Ron Gilbert game! :)

And know that I'm a collector, I must start my quest for buying the Monkey Island 1 and 2 games... since they're out of "print" for some years now. :\

P.S. - Sorry for my English, since it isn't my "homeland" language.
P.S.S. - We want a new sequel of Monkey Island! ;_; pretty pleaseeeee

Posted by BronsnFX on Jul 31, 2006 twenty five past five am

Thx Ron for the Monkey Island games! I play them again and again on my Nintendo DS with ScummVM! Monkey II is really fun!
Monkey 4 was the last bullshit! So please take back the rights from LucasArts!

Posted by Paul Davidson on Jul 31, 2006 five to one pm

Ron I must say thanks for the Monkey Island series.

You must find a way to do an MI5 or MI3a as it is called. Telling us the secret in your will wont be enough!!

We need a proper story!!

How much would it cost to get you to do it (and to get the rights!)????

Posted by Bas Schoutsen on Aug 10, 2006 twenty past ten am

Just leaving a message; whatever you do now, and from the first couple of minutes looks of it, you did a great job on the Monkey Island games. I know I can do better, if you give me a few years! Perhaps if I re-placed a few notes..

I'd like to say: Happy living, I'd never thought I'd be leaving a message some day to the actual Creator of Monkey Island, back then when I didn't think of internet connections. Now it seems that the games are just not worth playing. Violence has to be put to good use! Lazy programming is just one thing, we need to look a little bit better into the possibilities aspect of things. Things we could do, with a little effort. Well, make it a lot of effort. Now it's just harvesting cash.

People want Monkey Island. Well, we also want the Amiga experience. But the Amiga served it's purpose I think, and perhaps we're better of facing the state that the games are in today. It shows that it lacks some vital 'you name it' ingredi�nts.

But really, kudo's and appreciations of your work, it's really appreciated. It inspires me to become an internet doctor, and make lots of cash.

Perhaps I'd leave you with something valuable.. and, I'm dutch, so I can create a story! Well, in Dutch that is. Perhaps. Mozart, who is also dutch, said: "Play the notes, you'll hear something, if you play the notes." But enough of that, don't let the scientists tell you it's all in the brain, because YOU'RE the man.

I wanted (at this date) to search the internet for 'Ron Gilbert', and found your picture. Well, it's not bad, really. The picture and the fact that we don't have to log in tells it's own tale.

All the best and best wishes, whatever you do.

OK, better delete this, now where is that delete button? So you don't have to

What can I say?

Posted by Bas Schoutsen on Aug 10, 2006 twenty five past ten am

Kudo's Ron, well done is what I can say

Posted by Henrik on Jan 14, 2007 twenty five past eleven am

Al Lowe,
Roberta Williams, Ron,

you told us to speak proper english: e.g.: fasten rope larry.
thx for that.

Posted by Alf Hucker on Jan 31, 2007 quarter to two pm

Stare into a Hieronymous bosch with strobe light sunglasses and you can pretty much travel time.

Posted by Testergnc on Mar 9, 2007 ten past three am

Hellosga - this is just a testing, don't worry about it

Posted by Testerhzi on Mar 29, 2007 five past four am

Hellowhw - this is just a testing, don't worry about it

Posted by 1969 Camaro on May 26, 2007 twenty five to seven pm

Ron. You really rock!

Please listen to our prayers! We NEED MI3!!!

Posted by ASP on Jun 15, 2007 half past eight pm

played monkey2 a few mins ago..
mm mi --

tnx !

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