Booty From My Seattle Storage Space!

Jul 10, 2014

Nor Treblig
Ohhh nice! There is even Maniac Mansion!booty_from_seattle1
Can I have one box of every game? How much Monkey Bucks do you want?

Ron Gilbert
The one thing I am completely missing from my collection is the original 16 color Monkey Island. I don't see a lot of those.

Want one? :-)

Nor Treblig
I wonder one thing: If I'd make a video game I would also like some copies of it, but leaving the office with more than 20 boxes could look strange... (you better know the security guards)

Btw, the Korean version of Monkey Island 2 is actually called "The Secret of Monkey Island 2"!

Aaaah... The wheel...

Best anty-piracy device featuring pirates ever. I remember photocopying all 16 combinations (of my legally bought version for a friend of mine)...

Good times....

I'd love to buy a copy of whatever you'd like to sell too.. :)

:o I neved had the chance to own these!

Do you still have some spare boxes for an Argentinian fan? (hey, we even drink Grog down here...)

There's a good chance I'd cry like a little baby if I have them.

I have the first 16 color Amiga Monkey Island, italian language.
In the box i also conserved the bill. 72'000 Lire, about 38 Euro.
Big money for the time and for my 15 year old's pockets.

I never bought MI2 because the italian translation was rubbish and lost all the puns. I played a borrowed original copy but re-played it in english years after on scummvm.

Nor Treblig
@Thomas: seems like you've learned your lesson to not spend more than 20 bucks on a computer game :-)

Josh H
This is really awesome and nostalgic. I miss the days when computer games used to come in ridiculously large boxes instead of DVD cases. Thanks for posting all of this good stuff.

I still have my Atari ST box in my old bedroom, i wouldn't swap it for the world

Matt Westcott
Oh wow, I would love to have another copy of each of those games again. My mum hates hoarding so she would've thrown out my old game boxes a long time ago. Really miss that Mix 'n' Mojo spindle.

Oh myyyyy! A german version!
Okay, now I have to hire the Expendables. They are behind you. NOW!



What about a Monkey Island sealed signed by Ron Gilbert? Hey Ron I would pay for it. Cash of course...

Please Send me a German signed version^^

name your price^^

that's awesome, i still go on and on about the Monkey Island games, loved 1 and 2, i sin and did enjoy curse, nothing after those though :(

It's just a shame you can't get your own IP back, it's a crazy world we live in and full of bitter disappointment.

P.S. seeing as everyone else is asking, can i have all of your possessions for free so that i may sell them to these people piece by piece?

The one thing i wish would happen is a limited edition Monkey Island coin, a good one, not the "Tales of" one, i would love a piece of 8 as seen in MI2

Derrick R
Those could be worth something one day...  ;)

I'm loving the C64 overhaul of the site, btw.

So beautiful ;_;

Hey Ron.
Nice collection. You should Donate these Games to all the "New Age" Kids. So they could see in what kind of adventure world we once lived.

What about a new Monkey Island Game? I think the real MI-Fans deserve a new Point and Click Adventure and i believe Guybrush also wants to come back on the screen :).

Come on do it one more time!!!!

Best Wishes from Germany!

Peder Johnsen
David, they wouldn't know how to open the box! :D

AAaah! The Mix-n-Mojo wheel!

I remember when we had our MI2 game and lost the damned wheel.

It was horrible. Me and 6 of my brothers and sisters tore up the house looking for it.

Couldn't play Monkeys Island without it! D:

Paul Bennison
I've just spotted on my 2 copies of Monkey Island for the Atari ST, that one has just "Monkey Island" on each side of the box and the other has the full title. What's going on?

Is one a first edition? The one without the full title is also a slightly smaller box... what happened??

Sir Joe Works
It looks like you're running out of space... If I can help you, feel free to store your personal collection in my bedroom! ;)

Wow! I am not sure if this is actually working or is a joke but for a MI everything is worth the effort! Your work is amazing and pretty inspirational! Due to your crazy games, I became into a pirate... I mean, aham aham, into an insane Game Designer :p
Thank you to much! :D

I want one... send one to Argentina... they NEVER got here... I have washed my guilty conciousness with a kickstarter donation


Ron, ill buy the me, huge MI fan and i already have a few copies of each sealed...yes im greedy.

Please someone sell me Secret of Monkey Island the US CD version. I've been hunting for it for 6 years with no luck. Box and everything.