Commodore 64

Jul 14, 2014

Awesome computer. Had one when I was 12 years old.
I developed several programs in its BASIC language.
Great sound too.
And those games... Incredible fun time!
By the way: I like the new style of your website Ron.
Cheers from Argentina.

Did your's have a little switch to the side that can be flipped over to JIFFY DOS?

Ron Gilbert

Since I missed the C64 train, what I'm interested in knowing is if Maniac Mansion came on cassette tape and, if so, how long you had to wait on average for it to load.  All my searches result in solutions to the puzzle where you make the recording to shatter the chandelier.

Ron Gilbert
Maniac Mansion for the C64 came on one 5 inch floppy disk.  You had to flip it over at various points in the game due to data being on both sides.

I used to have c64 when I was a kid. I programmed in basic a little bit, even in assembler. There were programs I used to type in by reading it from the magazines. every line started with a 'poke' command and had tons of numbers. and if you miss one figure, program is not working properly - if it starts at all. Real Nightmare :) but those were the days!

Just remind me when I was 6 years old, struggling with tapes, rewind and forward button to catch the correct digits and be able to launch games! Commodore 64 was just amazing! So was Maniac Mansion... however I was a bit too young and had to wait a few years to play it on my Amiga!
Really like your new design.

Ron, the fact that Maniac Mansion fit on one disk, even if you did have to use both sides, is amazing.  You're a programming genius.  

You're not gonna believe it, but I'm just back home with a brand new (so to speak) C64! I knew I could exercise my voodoo control powers over Ron, but this is ridiculous. :) Happy C64 memories to everyone!

So... Today I'll get my C64 and play MM on an old B/W TV! I miss the floppy-sound. 10 Years Grummpy Gamer Blog ... Congrats!

Derrick R
I still have my trusty C64, and my copies of Maniac Manson and Zak McCracken.  (And, a slew of other games, of course).

Derrick R
I still have my trusty C64, and my copies of Maniac Manson and Zak McCracken.  (And, a slew of other games, of course).

I have my C64 with its tape on a shelf :D. I had so much fun with that computer.

From Argentina greetings ! DUDE! I Fucking love monkey island, maniac mansion, Zak . Now im 38yrs old, and keep all that games in  floppy disks, and my c64 stuff and old pc games.
And I have a tattoo C64 logo en my arm.

Sorry for my english,  im a c64 FAN, and you are GOD to me.
i have greats memories of my father and me playing maniac mansion and monkey island for hours/days/months!.


I grew up on the Commodore 64 in Paradise California as a child in the late 80s.   We got ours late but there was more secondary devices such as a Hard Drive which is noisy as heck when turned on that we have a whole bunch of software stored on it.

Our Commodore 64 model has a mode called Jiffy Dos ever heard of it? It is a little switch on the side that let's programs load in just 1 minute!    I didn't even know a lot of C64 floppy disk users had to suffer long waiting times actually!

Dad also programmed a custom menu system that is pretty nice so I wouldn't have to do the comma 8 comma 1 loading sequence since I was very young then.    I did a lot of education software on the Commodore at home.  At that time it was very rare for people to have home computers that were actual computers not game machines.

His menu system I just used the F keys to scroll/click on a game/software.

Commodore 64 had a LOT of great potential and was the true competitor to Nintendo since Nintendo only did games.  Nintendo tried to do education software in order to compete but didn't quite have the knack for it so soon gave up that lineup  or they would've embarrassed themselves into oblivion.

By the way I love this font!  :)    It feels like using Commodore BASIC all over again!  

You should get the Commodore 64 BASIC guide to their language which is basically C++ in a simpler format without the run arounds.

In fact flipping that side switch makes the blue screen say JIFFY DOS instead of BASIC on it.

My favorite program was the Sid Stereo Editor that you can listen to lot's of great sid songs which we got from Load Star Tower back in the days.

BTW: The security question is much better then the stupid captchas which you cannot read as captcha's basically say to the user. "We don't like you as we think you're spam!"
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