Happy Birthday Monkey Island

Sep 02, 2015

I guess Monkey Island turns 25 this month. It’s hard to tell.

Unlike today, you didn’t push a button and unleash your game to billions of people. It was a slow process of sending “gold master” floppies off to manufacturing, which was often overseas, then waiting for them to be shipped to stores and the first of the teaming masses to buy the game.

Of course, when that happened, you rarely heard about it. There was no Internet for players to jump onto and talk about the game.

There was CompuServe and Prodigy, but those catered to a very small group of very highly technical people.

Lucasfilm’s process for finalizing and shipping a game consisted of madly testing for several months while we fixed bugs, then 2 weeks before we were to send off the gold masters, the game would go into “lockdown testing”.  If any bug was found, there was a discussion with the team and management about if it was worth fixing.  “Worth Fixing” consisted of a lot of factors, including how difficult it was to fix and if the fix would likely introduce more bugs.

Also keep in mind that when I made a new build, I didn't just copy it to the network and let the testers at it, it had to be copied to four or five sets of floppy disk so it could be installed on each tester’s machine.  It was a time consuming and dangerous process. It was not uncommon for problems to creep up when I made the masters and have to start the whole process again. It could take several hours to make a new set of five testing disks.

It’s why we didn’t take getting bumped from test lightly.

During the 2nd week of “lockdown testing”, if a bug was found we had to bump the release date. We required that each game had one full week of testing on the build that was going to be released. Bugs found during this last week had to be crazy bad to fix.

When the release candidate passed testing, it would be sent off to manufacturing. Sometimes this was a crazy process. The builds destined for Europe were going to be duplicated in Europe and we needed to get the gold master over there, and if anything slipped there wasn’t enough time to mail them. So, we’d drive down to the airport and find a flight headed to London, go to the gate and ask a passenger if they would mind carry the floppy disks for us and someone would meet them at the gate.

Can you imagine doing that these days? You can’t even get to the gate, let alone find a person that would take a strange package on a flight for you. Different world.

After the gold masters were made, I’d archive all the source code. There was no version control back then, or even network storage, so archiving the source meant copying it to a set of floppy disks.

I made these disk on Sept 2nd, 1990 so the gold masters were sent off within a few days of that.  They have a 1.1 version due to Monkey Island being bumped from testing. I don’t remember if it was in the 1st or 2nd week of “lockdown”.

It hard to know when it first appeared in stores. It could have been late September or even October and happened without fanfare.  The gold masters were made on the 2nd, so that what I'm calling The Secret of Monkey Island's birthday.

Twenty Five years. That’s a long time.

It amazes me that people still play and love Monkey Island. I never would have believed it back then.

It’s hard for me to understand what Monkey Island means to people. I am always asked why I think it’s been such an enduring and important game. My answer is always “I have no idea.”

I really don’t.

I was very fortunate to have an incredible team. From Dave and Tim to Steve Purcell, Mark Ferrari, an amazing testing department and everyone else who touched the game's creation. And also a company management structure that knew to leave creative people alone and let them build great things.

Monkey Island was never a big hit. It sold well, but not nearly as well and anything Sierra released. I started working on Monkey Island II about a month after Monkey Island I went to manufacturing with no idea if the first game was going to do well or completely bomb. I think that was part of my strategy: start working on it before anyone could say “it’s not worth it, let's go make Star Wars games”.

There are two things in my career that I’m most proud of. Monkey Island is one of them and Humongous Entertainment is the other. They have both touched and influenced a lot of people. People will tell me that they learned english or how to read from playing Monkey Island. People have had Monkey Island weddings. Two people have asked me if it was OK to name their new child Guybrush. One person told me that he and his father fought and never got along, except for when they played Monkey Island together.

It makes me extremely proud and is very humbling.

I don’t know if I will ever get to make another Monkey Island. I always envisioned the game as a trilogy and I really hope I do, but I don’t know if it will ever happen. Monkey Island is now owned by Disney and they haven't shown any desire to sell me the IP. I don’t know if I could make Monkey Island 3a without complete control over what I was making and the only way to do that is to own it. Disney: Call me.

Maybe someday. Please don’t suggest I do a Kickstarter to get the money, that’s not possible without Disney first agreeing to sell it and they haven’t done that.


Happy Birthday to Monkey Island and a huge thanks to everyone who helped make it great and to everyone who kept it alive for Twenty Five years.

I thought I'd celebrate the occasion by making another point & click adventure, with verbs.

Jose Malvarez
Happy birthday, Monkey Island! This game is indeed a masterpiece. I remember playing it when I was a kid and since then I play it every year and I have fun every single time.

Thanks a lot for creating these awesome games! If I love adventure games it's thanks to you.

I will play this game again this year because the airport thing! :)
Needless to say that we want a MI3a so bad!!

MI3 came out in 1997 and MI4 in 2000. There is also "Tales of Monkey Island" that came out in 2009. All of them, except for MI4, is great. ;) Would love an "official" release of a new MI-game though, but I'm guessing that will never happen thanks to Disney. :(

Sorry mate, but only 1 and 2 are quality. Those two are the only ones that count as proper MI games.

I think that what made monkey island 1 and 2 so much better was the fact that there was no speach. There is nothing more deadpan than written word

Yes absolutely. I always found the voice actors over-delivered the lines. A lot of them would have been much funnier if they'd been underplayed.

Josejulio Martínez
Happy birthday Monkey Island!

I love the game, I remember getting Maniac Mansion on a magazine, played with my brother,  then Indiana Jones and then Monkey Island 1, but couldn't play, didn't have any VGA monitor at that time. When we finally got a VGA monitor, the disks stopped working (gaah!). Later on we played Monkey Island 2 and couldn't find Monkey Island 1 anywhere till some years after that.

Anyway, Thanks, and I hope that we can get our hands onto MI3a.

A great game made by a great team indeed... It's usually a sour feeling when you play the games you used to play when you were a child, or watch the cartoons you used to watch, except a few: masterpieces then and now, that we still enjoy.

Somehow Monkey Island was touching for lots of us, it might be the atmosphere, the pirate theme, the graphics, the freedom, ... But it did. Long live to Monkey Island. I keep on installing it in all the my nephews when they turn 10... and they keep enjoying it.

Ah, it's always excellent to read these posts. The fan letters are excellent too. Thanks so much Ron!

(Ps do Disney own the rights for Pig Island inhabited by dangerous Wolf men, with a girl and her evil big sister, venturing out on a quest, after having, say, two previous quests completed? On an unrelated note, satire against copyrighted works is legal in a few EU countries)

Thanks for the pleasant read. It brought me back so many good memories.

I wonder if Trevor is backing Thimbleweed Park? :)

Uriel, querido! : ) Como estas?

If I tried hard enough...I think I coluld play the game completely in my head.

Happy birthday MI!

Looking at the calendar for 1990, I can actually remember what I did at that specific day. It's relatively easy as it was the first day of school for us (yeah, on a Sunday). And I remember that we got a new teacher that year, and I remember his introduction. Boy, that was long long time ago.
I don't remember when I got hold of the game though. You see, at the time there wasn't an option for me or for any of my friends to get an actual non-pirated version of any game. We didn't have any money, and anyway there wasn't anywhere for us to go and buy it. I assume it was available somewhere to buy in the country, because we did eventually get a hold of a pirated copy. But that might have been a seventh generation copy, lacking the manual. If we were lucky we got a legible copy of the copy-protection (I think we did get one for MI). If we were unlucky we had to crack the copy protection, or to find ways around it. Not very good for the game play experience, pretty good for a carrier in software engineering.
I hadn't even got to see the big game boxes. Life was very different at the time for us. Years later I ended up compensating for that and bought some of these original big boxes for a premium on ebay.
As for the game itself, well, it was the best game I played. It is still the best game I have ever played. I remembering saying it a few times to my friend that I was playing it with back at the day, and he agreed. We high fived whenever something crazy happened. We almost cried when we fell on that rubber tree and got the old Sierra's save early, save often box.
It was just groundbreaking. It changed the way we looked at games, it interacted with us, and broke some barrier that existed between us and the game. It was fun. Thank you!

Andrea aka Rum Rogers
Wow, those were the times. I was lucky enough to play it in 1991 or 1992 and it totally changed my life. Since then, I always wanted to make videogames and that is the reason why I decided to study computer science many years later. Basically, my entire career's been decided on top of Monkey Island. Sadly I couldn't be able to enter the professional game dev world (yet), but anyway THANK YOU Ron and THANK YOU Guybrush.

Thank you for this post Ron. I am now a 24 years old Italian boy, yet I still remember as if it was yesterday when my father and I inserted the floppy disks and Melee Islandese appeared on the screen along with the opening theme.
That moment was a real turning point in my childhood as I must have been something like 6 at the time. From then on I've played many games. Lots of graphic adventures and all of Lucas Arts ones.
Still MI1 and MI2 will always be my number 1 and 2 games ever.
I lost count of how many times I have gone though them, I know by heart most dialogues I guess. It's not only for the storyline or the magical setting.. It's mostly for the humour and the wit. Can't wait for Thimbleweed.
Thanks for everything to you and the team and happy birthday Monkey Island!

Congratulations!  And thanks for the cool story.  I love Monkey Island, and the LucasArts games were always SO much better than Sierra's.

Hey Ron, congrats!

Also, you should totally send me the source code. (I'm just kidding!)

Leon Ortegas
Exchanging tips about the earily LucasFilm Adventure Games™ are also among the last good memories I have from my dad (we didn't play at the same time to avoid spoiling puzzles).

BTW, if it is ever made, no need for 3a, there never was a MI3, nominally. The third game of the series is called CoMI, and IIRC the executable wasn't even named "monkey3.exe"... So "Monkey Island 3" is available :-).

Happy birthday MI!  The game that changed me forever...  A game that I'm still waiting to finish...

Ron, I truly hope you can work something out with Disney, but if you can't, would you ever reveal the Secret?

Also, I'm sure Disney don't own the rights to small bits of fan fiction, perhaps even written by the original author, which would then perhaps be used to loosly create a start of a new non-commercial game, Pig Island, by the community, or perhaps numerous games made by the b community, until enough momentum had picked up, and then Disney randomly decide to give Ron the rights, to cash in with little initial expenditure.

Happy birthday Monkey Island! It was my first obsession when I was little, it inspired me to write so many stories about pirates, and planted a seed for my life-long passion for good storytelling and point-and-click adventure games!

I'm 21 (22 next month). I played Monkey Island for the first time when I was 4 or 5. We had this weird cover disc from PC Gamer which said it contained shareware games; Duke Nukem II, Wing Commander and others as well as The Secret of Monkey Island. They weren't shareware, it was all the full deal. So, sorry Ron but I might have inadvertently pirated Monkey Island and PC Gamer was my despicable enabler. My sister showed it to me first. We skipped the cutscene and I couldn't read too well and I figured given how the cursor was a weird cross thing I thought you were meant to shoot Guybrush as he walked on to the dock. I didn't finish it until years later when I got the Monkey Island Bounty Pack for my birthday, and even then I actually finished LeChuck's Revenge first. Dunno why.

I can't explain why it means so much to me, probably as much as you don't get why it means so much to people. But it does. I think it's because it's the first PC game I can remember actually playing and taking seriously, and actually enjoying. When I revisit it now I realise a big part of it is the humour which I get more now I'm older and the history surrounding it. Monkey Island really is part of the bigger package of my undying love and appreciation for the golden era of LucasArts. They are all works of art and each one has a reason for existing, not a single one was made (except maybe for The Dig I guess) just because you needed sales, each one was made because you wanted to make them, and that love comes through in the writing and the attention to detail you afforded them.

Monkey Island I think is probably still so endearing because games which are made with actual love and attention are so few and far between. Big companies are able to fart out a hundred Assassin's Creeds and Call to Dinners as often as they like because they're willing to hire hundreds of people who don't give a damn about what they're working on. On the other hand of course you do have the new wave of Kickstarted games which allow developers to show a bit more love to their creations and so I don't think the "next" Monkey Island is very far away.

On my shelf sits an original copy of Monkey Island 2 as well as the Bounty Pack. I'm still hunting for an original Secret, but they're elusive and very expensive. I had hoped the Thimbleweed Park box would join them but at the time the Kickstarter happened I only had enough to spare for the 'get the game' tier. I will spend a lot of time scouring ebay for a box after it's released though. Or maybe upgrade my pledge if I get lucky.

Anyway, Ron, you sure as hell made a great piece of work and I'll be playing it this month to wish it a happy birthday. Maybe I'll take it out for a beer. I think I've played it at least once every year anyway, though.

Well that's my two pieces of eight, I guess. Wish I could help you understand why it's so important to people but I guess it might actually just be completely inexplainable. Or unexplainable. Which one is it? My spell checker says both are wrong. It suggests inexpiable I didn't even know that was a real world. Is it a medical condition?

Amazing to think I enjoyed MI1 in my early teens and now I'm fast approaching 40... :)  The ending of MI2 was something I thought about and obsessed over for months (maybe years!) after completing the second game - seeing the "real" Monkey 3a would be an amazing thing. Come on Disney!

Jorge Luis
The first time I play with SoMI was in 1992. The reason I still remember the game is because the character. Guybrush is an antihero, he doesn't have muscles or a great brain, but he's humble and a nice guy. He travels across the sea, make friends (?), and finally gets the girl. All with a little touch of humor.
People like me who born in the 80's remember MI as one of the best graphic adventure games, above Last Crusade in my case,  just like Wolfenstein 3D is one of the grandfathers of the first person shooters. Now the games are differents, of course, the nostalgic force to make old-fashioned games, but game designers think that games need wonderful colors, graphics almost compared to reality (GTA).

If I want to see the original MI3? I don't know, maybe as Ron said it won't be the same right now. We have MI in a podium. I'm not saying it will be bad, but, IJ and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Starwars try to bring back old stories, and I'm not sure if they did it right.

Writing this post, I googled for "graphic adventure games". The first thing it shows me is:
Popular result in the web: The Secret of Monkey Island / Maniac Mansion / The Walking Dead / Day of the Tentacle / Grim Fandango / Sam & Max / Full Throttle / Monkey Island 2 / Fate of Atlantis. All games are from LucasArts (or Telltale for TWD). Maybe Sierra was prior, but the synonym for adventure is LucasArts.

Oh! Look behind! A three headed monkey!

You should make the game anyway just without charging anything for it. Of course donations will be given by fans regardless.

More seriously, you could think about creating a test level or demo to get some media attention and the ball rolling with Disney.

For support, I would buy this game 10 times : Android, iOS, Steam, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Vita, Ubuntu, Windows Store, Ouya.

But I would only play it with a mouse, voodoo2, and adlib sound card.

Happy birthday Monkey island! God, I'm so excited!

Happy birthday MI! Thanks for teaching me English!

Congratulations! Just to think that no other game good as that was made in 25 years...

Schmitt Francois
Happy birthday Monkey Island ! I was 4 y-o when I first played it, and it was my really first game experience, will remember it for ever !

Radoslav Sharapanov
Learn English? Meh, try learning German for MI.

Rasmus Johan
Happy Birthday Monkey Island, never forgotten. One of the best games ever!!

What made MI so special for me was it's humor, that it was a friendly, non-violent setting and most of all the mood. I think a lot of the credits go to Marc Ferrari for his absolutely fantastic night sky. If the first chapter would have been at daylight, I think it wouldn't have worked out that well. Same with MI2. Or especially LOOM!
When I think of it, most Lucasfilm Games start at night. Maybe the reason why I liked them so much 😉

Happy Birthday, Monkey Island!
My ten year old son started playing Monkey Island 1 a few days ago (the special edition) and he is really excited about it. It feels good to see him playing a game that influenced me on so many ways, but of course I know it will not have the same impact on him. Nevertheless it is really fun playing it together and thinking about how to solve the puzzles.

I do not know why but I was so happy when I learned that Monkey Island was released on my 3rd year birthday! Now I am 28, maybe this could make Disney understand that there has to be a real 3rd and final game by Ron.  Long live, Monkey Island!

Milo Casagrande
Congratulations and happy birthday (although I'm late to the party)!
MI 1 was my first game I bought saving money during summer, and I still love to play it!

Thanks for making it real!

PS: can you fix your RSS feed? I still live in the old Internet and use RSS... :-)

Zak Phoenix McKracken
I'm italian. Monkey Island was special to me because of its humor, puzzles, and situations that could have sense. It had a beautiful plot! And like Maniac Mansion or Zak McKracken, it tought me some english sentences, words and puns ("stale" bread, "monkey wrench", the woodchuck-tongue-twister for example).
(And remember: Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game, except for Thimbleweed Park!)

I'm a 23 years old Argentinian who have played MI games my whole life. I have increíble memories thanks to your hard work and, by extension, the whole team. My brother and me have spent hours on trying to get the giant Monkey head to open or trying to get off the rollercoaster. Thank you for so many great memories and I hope you can make another Monkey Island, preorder for me!

Denisa Gabriela
I loved Monkey island since i was a 5 years old stupid little girl. I still love it now, for me MI is my childhood. Now i am 21 and i hope that when i will have kids (in ten years) you will release a new MI game, so i can play it with my family. Thank you for what you gave to the world. Greetings from Romania :-)

For me MI 2 holds a really special place in my heart because it's actually the sole reason I've been able to work in game industry over the past decade.

I played it back in 1992 and after finishing it, I redraw Guybrush in Deluxe Paint Animation and started to animate it to do silly things. It ignited my passion for arts and games and I've never stopped since.

Thank you Mr. Gilbert for Monkey Islands (and many other great games you've done), you are an inspiration to us all!

Roberto "TUXX" Toia
The game that changes everything, in the way to point straight to the story, and that join me through all my life.
When I was in Highschool I was so impressed by Mr Guy.brush adventures that I started to make a sort of boardgame of it: I passed hours to prepare paper pawns with all the characters, making suffer the worst pain to my old printer. Then the project stopped, but I keep them in a little box, looking at them with a smile.
Then I remember when I went to my professor at the University of Tourin saying "I want to do a Thesis about the possibility of telling stories with videogames, using three examples (MI, Syberia and Myst)". He looked at me and started to laugh, than he told me something like "Yeah, I remember Monkey Island. Great game, but I  never managed to finish it. Let's to this."
So happy birthday from my heart to this little great pirate, and for the deepest, hidden secret of his game: if you want to be great in your life, you don't need to be the greatest hero: if you THINK, using your brain to find new ways to solve problems, you're ALREADY a great hero.

PS: Ron, I'm still waiting about the ossobuco affair :D

25 years already? Wow, time goes flying! I'm one of those who learned English with Lucas Arts earlier adventure games in my C64, I've never taken an English class other than high school, which wasn't very helpful, I learned English basics playing Maniac Mansion (my favorite) and Zak, and improved on it with Monkey Island 1 and 2. That was a great gift for which I will always be grateful.

I wish you could get the IP from Disney to finish the trilogy you envisioned, I didn't like MI3 and never played MI4, it wasn't the same without you leading the ship. You deserve ownership of your creation. I'm not very optimistic about Disney selling it, but who knows, I never thought I would ever see a new adventure game from you and Gary Winnick and David Fox in the style of the old ones and there's Thimbleweed Park (which I hope is the first of many) to prove some dreams can come true.

Happy Birthday Monkey Island!
I still vividly remember a 11-year old me, eagerly waiting for the postman every day at the mailbox over the course of several weeks. When it finally arrived I almost died of excitement! Sensible and careful as I was I made backups of the floppies first before even thinking about playing the game I read so much about in every German games magazine I could get hold of.
It was so worth it though! Still to this day I have very strong feelings towards MI and consider it one of the most important and influential games I've played in my life. It might be the major reason I went into game dev, but Maniac Mansion and Indy might have played a big role as well :)

Thank you so much! I'd love to draw you something as amazing as Trevor's picture, but I guess that this is not possible.

Ron, Ron... You are not the only one to hope for a new Monkey Island. But Disney will never sell "their" IP. So, be concrete, let create a new "licensed" Monkey Island game, like Telltale did until now.
Yeah, I know you're really disappointed with this and you would never work on someother IP AGAIN, but... you know, this isn't a perfect world, some compromise must be accepted to accomplish greater things.
Please, rethink about that!

Huge petition to Disney plus whatever creative action. We can do it! Now there's the internet at your disposal.

I'm now 37 and Monkey Island remains imprinted on my mind as one of my fondest gaming memories. I doubt anyone will remember any of the multitude of games now available in a similar fashion.
The behemoth that is Disney can likely put food on the table without the Monkey Island IP (shudder - thinking of Guybrush et al in terms of an 'IP' drains a little of the magic so I shall desist at that!).
Cheers Ron (& all the team). Happy birthday MI:)

Happy Birthday!!!

E' assolutamente il gioco più bello di sempre, complimenti vivissimi, l'ho comprato e ricomprato più volte, anche rimasterizzato per xbox 360. Davvero un capolavoro, ci ho rigiocato anche sullo smartphone, dove anche la suoneria è a tema.
Spero in un seguito come ci ho sempre sperato.

Zak Phoenix McKracken
Translation for non-italian users:
It's the best game ever, my congratulations, I bought it again and again, even for XBOX 360. It's really a masterpiece, I replayed it on my smartphone, even my ringtone is Monkey Island themed.
I hope there will be a following, I have always hoped for it.

Inacio Montoya
Happy birthday!!!

Seriously guys, we have to do something about this IP problem, it just can't be like that its too sad.

I'm now 39 and I have played Monkey Island in every device that can play it. From my first PC, a "portable" Amstrad PPC 512 with CGA Graphics in a monocrhome LCD Monitor to my Android. Every year I play Monkey Island I and II, at least once.

The only thing I can tell you is thanks, thanks, thanks. This games really touched my heart and are a big part of my memories.

Happy Birthday Monkey Island!!

Happy birthday, Monkey Island! The first time that I played this game was a couple of weeks after finishing  playing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis in early 1991. I've spend weeks playing the game. Thank you very much for such great game!


1990 i was 11 and i played it on the PC from my Dad! I played it again few years later on my own PC, i play it today again afer a few years.

For my heart MI1 is the best game ever, i can hear the intro music again and again and... MI2 was good, too but it could not compete with the memories from my first contact with MI1 when i was 11 ;-)...

Thats said, thank you very much

We Need MI3a. We Need it so bad. MI 1+2 changed my life. I played both games so often when i was a child. And i am still playing it today. I LOVE Monkey Island. Disney, sell those IP to Ron!! Ron has to made the game. NOW.

Simon Owen
Thanks so much for this insightful post and one of my all time favourite games. It's amazing that MI is still as fun to play today as it was when I first played it with my Dad back in the day on an old 486!

Sergio Mosca
MI1 is my favorite adventure of all time, in fact, MI1 represents my childhood and one of my happiest memories.  I played it for the first time in 1991, I was a boyscout back then and I will remember forever my first camping talking all night about Guybrush, Stan and the SwordMaster with my friends in the middle of the woods.  We were totally amazed by the game and We thought We were part of that fantasy world for a moment.  THANKS RON!  I don't know how to express all the admiration I feel for you.  Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!  We love you here in Argentina!!

USE champagne WITH Ron Gilbert

To the three brothers Guybrush Peepwood, LeChuck and Ron Gilbert!

Big Red Button
Happy Birthday, Monkey Island!

It was one of the first computer games I ever got to know. I played both monkey island games for the first time on an 80286 with a gray scale screen and I have never been impressed that much later on by any other game.
25 years may be a long time, especially for a computer game, but Monkey Island is timeless. Aside from the technical aspects, it will never really be obsolete.
Game developers can still cut a slice off Monkey Island!

Is it true that Lucasfilm was planning a movie version of Monkey Island? I remember hearing that it eventually was adapted into  Pirates of the Caribbean.

Gosh! Happy dearest birthday, Monkey Island! We love you! Thanks Mr Gilbert for your precious gift to the world of fun!

Michael Specht
Happy Birthday Monkey Island! I grew up with the game, and I'm still playing it with my kids today. My son is learning to play the piano with the LeChuck theme! I love it. :-) What about starting a petition to get Disney to sell the IP and let Ron finish the story after Thimbleweed Park instead of letting a much loved treasure go to waste?

"It’s hard for me to understand what Monkey Island means to people. I am always asked why I think it’s been such an enduring and important game. My answer is always “I have no idea.” I really don’t."

It's because you guys did what you loved.

It's because you loved what you did.

And it's because it shows.

Goodness, does it ever SHOW in your games! You've put so much into it, and you had fun all along the way. You never tried to make something marketable; you didn't do things the way you did because you thought they'd sell well, you did them because you you wanted to do them that way. Because it felt right. Because it was fun.

It shows, both in Monkey Island and other games of yours, and the feeling's transferred to the players. Players feel the same fun when they play the games; they feel that this is a labor of love. That's why people loved it, and why people keep on loving it.

Look at any successful game, any game that still has a following decades later (DOOM, for instance, to pick one from a radically different genre that nonetheless has an enduring and thriving fanbase) and you'll find that the same thing's true. They're all labors of love, and fun.

And while I'm at it - congratulations on Monkey Island's 25th. And thanks, thanks to all of you on the team there, for making some of the greatest games I've ever played.

Auguri, non ho un vero e proprio regalo per te....tutto quello che ho è questo pollo di gomma con una carrucola in mezzo!

Zak Phoenix McKracken
Translation for non-italian users:
Happy birthday! I don't have a real gift for you... all that I have is this rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle!

Happy Birthday Monkey Island! and thanks Ron to make what are my two favourite games ever! Monkey 1 & 2. I truly believe there are masterpieces and the reason I started making video games 15 years ago. I worked in big franchises such as Star Wars or Assassin´s Creed but I still want to create something like Monkey Island in the future. Maybe a small indie adventure. So many good memories playing those games... I really hope one day will have Monkey Island 3 by Ron Gilbert. All the best.

Robert Kalweit
OMG, thanks for making me feel OLD. Played monkey island whilst in first or second grade. Amazing game and the first step on the way that eventually led me to work in the software industry. Big big thanks!!! May the Arrrrrr be with you!

Please mate a MI3

I loved the game, and still do.

First PC game I ever played. I was a small kid when MI came out and it was not clear to me that there was a beginning and an end, Guybrush was something like the more recent SIMS game (which I never played) to me: a neverending story, with sometimes big surprises, like life is.

I would sneak in the PC room after I'd finish my homework, load MI and go have fun with Guybrush. Many happy hours!

Thanks for this great game!


Chris Maule
Happy Birthday Monkey Island.

Ron you're a legend. I have always enjoyed your games and the creativity of the story and characters.

I have had my own little indie games company for a year or so, after we finish the two games we have got going at the moment we are going to begin working on a point and click adventure due to our love for the genre from your games.
If it turns out anywhere near as good as yours then I will be happy.

Looking forward to Thimbleweed Park, Keep up the good work.

Happy birthday, best game ever!

Fantastic post :) The idea of sending floppy disks with a random passenger is pretty scary!

Happy Anniversary!

Can't believe it's been 25 years! I played this game with my little brother sitting in the basement of our childhood home up in the north of Sweden. Like you mention, it's how we learned English and having a lot of fun at it!

Thanks for bringing this wonderfully wacky and funny game into the world!

Mr. S
I think you should write Monkey Island 3 (the screenplay and/or the storyboard, at least). You can die tomorrow (hope not) and we will never know how the adventure ends!

Happy Birthday!!

It's amazing reading your description of the testing and publishing process, especially since I'm currently involved with getting a console game tested, published and patched. It's a different world (well, 25 years worth of difference anyway.)

Steven Don
Happy birthday, Guybrush!

Ron, what did you think of the choice to cast Dominic Armato as the voice for Guybrush? If you did make a 3rd installment, would you consider having him voice Guybrush again?

Hallgeir Holst

Happy birthday Monkey Isanld and thanks for the best time in my life! <3

I dont know if you read these comments, but i have a Monkey Island fan group on facebook, so i would just love if you joined, thats if you even have a personal fb account, maybe you dont hehe :) Anyho if there is anyway you could drop a few lines there that would be so great! :D

And to all other fans; join us and share a memory and/or a few Grogs! :D


Happy happy birthday!!!

Monkey Island is the best videogame ever played. Only overcome by Monkey Island 2.

I really hope that the rights back to you one day. Without you, monkey island is not "The Monkey Island".

Cheers with Grog!!!

Wow! 25 years... I remember when this game came to my life in 1992. And it's still with me. It's a true pop and cultural reference of the nineties, and today it's so great that you can play over and over again without losing any illusion.
Thank you for this game, Ron.

Monkey Island is my favorite game, closely beating out Link's Awakening. It just got so much so right.

Guybrush is such a lovable, positive, relatable person. I really identify with him, struggling to achieve his goals, always falling just a bit short, but still never giving up.

In general, all of the characters are interesting and have personality. Even the "bad" ones seem like they have relatable motivation, and, in a different situation, you might get along with them quite well.

Elaine in particular is a fantastic role model for girls, I think, particularly for a time when there were very few good female characters in games. She's self-reliant, powerful, and smart. Even the way her kidnapping is handled shows her as a strong, independent person.

The whole story in general is just really well written and perfectly paced.

The world-building is freaking incredible. The pirate society, the way people interacted, it's just fantastic. I wish I could experience it for the first time again.

The gameplay is really good. There were some puzzles that required a bit of thought, but I think none were unfair, and the harder ones made figuring them out all the much sweeter.

Oh, and the music, particularly on the Mac version. To this day, the opening music is my favorite videogame music ever.

I even liked the beautifully drawn "cut scene" images from the Mac version that showed quite realistic pictures of some of the characters from the game, which I think were not in the original game, and which Ron is not a huge fan of. Seeing them really made me feel like I was getting a glimpse into a real world inhabited by real people.

In conclusion, the reason why people still love this game is because it is very close to perfect. It tackles a lot of different, hard things — doing puzzles in an adventure right, telling a compelling story in a videogame, having meaningful character development, humor, etc. — and it does all of them really, really well. It's just a huge joy to play. Which is why I play through it again every few years.

Thanks for this game, Ron!

Fantastic comment, Lukas!

Also: "I wish I could experience it for the first time again." (!!!)

Probably first game I played (or it was UFO: Enemy Unknown?) and I keep loving it.
Anyway, it was a GREAT game and I love it. Probably one of the bests in the world.

Is not any way to collect signatures from EVERYONE and try to move Disney to do 3rd?

Best game ever!!!

I'm 37 now, I keep playing the first 2 episodes over over...

let's hope for a proper sequel!!!!

Happy birthday Guybrush

I remember the very first time I played Monkey Island: The day after I was going for vacation for a whole month. I was 12, and I couldn't take that game away from my head after playing just one hour! I must say MI was my first graphical adventure, so it was a new genre for me, and amazed me from the beginning.
I spent that month thinking in the game, and hoping to get back to school (and home) just to continue playing.
BTW, It took me DAYS to realize that I had to open that damn cereal box to find the key of captain's cabin!!

Happy birthday Monkey Island. Thanks for thousands of great moments!

Thank you, thank you, thank you and so on a billion times.
You´ve made my childhood much more better than it was already at these days.
Be honored by your fan.

Another thank you


Happy Birthday, Guybrush!
I'm getting old... and you're still so young! :-P

Tomás Del Bianco
Thanks!!! best game ever!

Ron, please, by the nine realms, please do overcome any hurdles and go back to making a true, wonderful, amazing Monkey Island game! I'm going to buy 10 copies! I love you, man!!! :]

Thank you very much, since my childhood Monkey Island has always been my favourite game and always will be. Thanks for all those hours of fun and laughs

Manuel Montoto
This was one of the games that made me become a games programmer later in life :-) Thanks Ron.

I have spent a lot of time playing many games during the years(Im 40) but no game has ever given me that FEELING that Monkey island did and kept doing when replaying it and generally just thinking about it:-).
Guybrush is extremely likeable, the graphics/art is perfect  and the interface very userfriendly. And every detail, ranging from characters, story, items, etc is comically brilliant.

Happy Birthday and thanks to everyone involved!


Happy Birthday Ron! Please share the source code! It would be a great gift!!


Brindemos con una buena jarra de GROG !!!

Por otros 25 años mas !!!

Derrick Reisdorf
Happy belated birthday, Monkey Island!

You were certainly not my first experience with adventure games but certainly one of the most memorable.
What I felt made the game most endearing was its humor, shown through the dialogue of the characters and some of the puzzles.  But, it was definitely more than that- the mood from the setting and music, and the feeling that you were part of this living world.

The games you have made have definitely been some of my favorites: Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and The Cave.

I was too old to play any of your Humongous Entertainment games, but I'm sure I would have loved them as a little kid.  I liked pop-up books which provided a form of interactive reading (Jan Jankowski's Haunted House was my favorite).  And, I remember LOVING the books of Richard Scarry which made me feel like I had some kind of window into this bustling alternate world.  As a little kid, my video gaming choices were pretty limited: Pong, and Intellivision.  I'm sure your Humongous Entertainment games would have blown my mind back then.

Anyways.  Thank you Ron for doing what you do!  You have brought pieces of happiness and joy into many peoples lives!  May all your creative endeavors bring You as much happiness and joy for the next 25 years.  ...and may they also bring you financial success.  Because money is nice.

Derrick Reisdorf
It's Jan Peinkowski, not Jankowski.

Rasho Hyo
Happy Birthday Monkey Island! see you in the Scumm Bar for a drink tonight! :)

Monkey Island was the second PC game I ever played (the first was Loom).  At nine years old, I was completely drawn in by the world you created.  The joy of figuring out puzzles, learning what some of the clever jokes meant, and the anticipation of discovering new areas still bring a smile to my face when I think back.  I remember going to a PC game store (Babbages) and getting a puzzle hint from one of the employees working there.  He prompted me just enough, by asking me questions, to lead me to the answer.  I cant imagine that experience taking place now days.  Thanks for the good times and memories!

Thanks Ron for your work. I was a programmer during 80s and I only played one game: Monkey Island. I remember that I bought magazines to find some secrets for your adventure. It's really my only game and I always recommend it to my nephews.

Monkey Island Was my first video game. 25 years later I play it every year. It bring back really good memories. Happy Birthday Guybrush

Last year I played again Monkey Island... still an excellent game...

Following Thimbleweed park development and waiting for it (one of the backers)

Thanks again!

Patrik Spacek
Its really hard to make a deal with Disney. I have not pushed them hard yet, but as i can see its gonna be a loong way. "My" Fate of Atlantis Special Edition is becoming more popular every day, but if it ends up well...its in Disney hands!
Back to Monkey Island...that game was my starting point...for all my future games and i just wished, they could do better job with Special Edition versions.
Talk about Ron...Happy Anniversary! Good job!

Turel Caccese
I'm also an Italian (like a lot of people here in comments!)
Thank you Ron Gilbert, you have inspired a lot of people with two wonderful pieces of art, happy birthday - from a guy that make things inspired by your works

Thank you Ron, you made my childhood so much better with Monkey Island!

When my husband and I were dating we saw a pirate's draw on the street. I said to him ´he looks like Guybrush´. His reply was: ´you are the perfect woman´. Now of course we are happily married and playing Monkey Island together.

Round of GROG for everyone!

I'm Montenegrian. English is not my native language and at age 13 (three years ago) I started to play MI. I was so happy! I learned alot of words from it and it's still my favourite game! Belive it or not , I wish to be an adventure game designer and programmer when I grow up.. This game fascinates me! Thank you for making this awesome game!
P.S. I wanted to say: "You forgot to write something at the end of the blog" but then I remembered that this is your blog .


as many others I testify that Monkey Island was/is my childhood. As well as Indiana Jones, and Sierra's games, your creation allowed me to expand my creativity and thinking, and to have great fun at the same time. I remember I used to play Monkey Island many, many times - even though I knew how to solve all the puzzles. It was just such a great experience to dive into this splendid world.

Here's to Ron, to Guybrush, to Elaine, to Wally, to LeChuck - hell, even to Largo LaGrande! Happy anniversary,

Marcelo Bermudez
25 years later this games make me laugh and bring me the same joy that i had when i was a kid. THANKS for guybrush, stan, le chuck and all this guys, this game was released when i was 8 years old and i even made a homework for school about it.

GREATINGS FROM ARGENTINA!!!! and sorry for my english...hope u can make a lot of new games like this, because we are a lot of gamers who LOVE adventure style games! :D


Il più bel gioco del mondo di sempre, senza ombra di alcun dubbio!!! Buon compleanno!!!

Thank you, Mr. Gilbert.

Happy birthday Elaine, LeChuck and Guybrush.

I just wanted to say thank you.
And thank you again.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... THANK YOU, Ron Gilbert.

Peace and love.

Happy birthday best Game ever....

Thanks for all those years of fun Ron. You rock!

And Happy 27.9th Birthday to MANIAC MANSION!

Happy bday!

Am I the only one who's playing it right NOW?

Thank you for so many memories. I grew up on this and other adventure games from LucasArts. I still wonder though, when are we going to get additional Maniac Mansion games?!

Mitchell Emmen
Monkey Island is my youth. I basically grew up with the English language just because of this game. It gave me knowledge and creativity.
Happy birthday Monkey Island. I am forever grateful!

I can only thank you. Like a lot of us who are a little bit younger, the first MI I played was the third. Even if you weren't directly involved it was an excellent game. But when I first played the first two games I immediatly realized that they were masterpieces of gaming. Since playing the MI saga I started considering video games an art.

Happy Birthday!!

My first adventure game and, of course, the best. I play them (MI1 and MI2) every year at least once.
The laughs came always like the first time I played it.
I will pray for that third part made by you :)

Thanks Ron.
25 years? ufff...

PD: forgive my por english :)


Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!

Happy bday and ty for this post Ron!!
Unforgettable moments playing MI-1 and MI-2 .. its difficult to say what I learned playing them T.T .. I wish you could make MI-3.. MI will be always with me ^^ ... actually in my mobile phone with an emulator hehe... finished MI-1 MI-2 and Maniac Mansion II on it ... Good luck and best wishes for you!!

Speaking of fond memories, when I bought my yearly pair of Nike using their personnalistion system last year, I choosed the following for the word you can have "printed" on the rear part of the shoes:

Left foot: Threep
Right foot: Wood

The first day I went to work, a colleague of mine noticed the text and directly made a reference to the game :D

I remenber when i was 7 years, and i played Monkey Island games with my brother, (reading the guide ;)). This game was and is awesome!

From Spain, thanks for it!

Jack in the box
Hey Ron, I hope Disney answers your call! Thanks for making the game, it made my childhood :)

Greetings from Serbia, Europe :)

I'm one of those Monkey Island brides! This game had an big impact in my childhood; I grew passionate about games, and I ended up working in the industry. I get very emotional everytime I remember being a kid and playing Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion on my first computer (and I still play them every year).

Thank you for that brain you have, Ron. You're my inspiration! Happy birthday, Monkey Island!

This game is doubly special for me, although still very young, back then I was in the hospital due to cancer. My father convinced the staff to get a PC next to my bed and so I started playing SoMI every day. One of the doctors, a young one, came to my room once and I showed him the game, from that moment whenever he had night shift he used to pass by my room (secretly) to play together the game!
Thank you for helping me somehow to divert my mind from those hard times and happy birthday!

mr. T
What a cool story! :)

Hi Ron. Uhm, ok, you can have it...

Happy birthday!

May the force be with you always...
no wait..

Gil Megidish
I can has source code?

Happy birthday Monkey Island!! I remember the first time I played MI1, I was like 4 years old and my parents had to help me out a lot :) Nowadays I usually play it once a year at least! Definitely my favorite game of all, and a huge part of childhood for me and my siblings. It helped us theme some of the best Halloween pirate parties ever!

Many thanks to Ron and the team for creating such a memorable game!

25 years! God, so much time passed. This is my favorite game series! Guybrush has become really close and beloved. There won't be a game that will be better than this masterpiece! But Daedalic Entertainment have tried and showed us the great Deponia trilogy. I think that Rufus (main hero of Deponia) is a tribute to Guybrush, the character so identic.
I hope to see more of Threepwood adventures, because so many questions left.
I wish all the crew of developers and people who worked with Monkey Island  more bright ideas, more successful projects and don't forget about simple and charismatic, great and a little silly guy, who wanted to be a pirate!
Thank you for so many hours of the best adventure in my entire life!


I DID LEARN ENGLISH from playing Monkey Island, in addition to Ultima, XCOM and Wing Commander. In fact, I emigrated to the U.S. and started working in the games industry thanks to your work - and damn the official sales, I can attest that MI was played by more people that those who actually paid for it (due to rampant international piracy in the 90s).

Funny, piracy is absolutely terrible, but it allowed MI to touch the minds & hearts of many kids my age. And not just in the U.S. but GLOBALLY. Kids who wouldn't be able to afford the game otherwise. Heck, I'm from the Middle East and we still reference MI among friends. Your work touched people, affected lives, MONKEY ISLAND MATTERED. It still does.

Disclaimer - I bought the game on every legit platform over the years, multiple times :)

This game almost killed my friendship with the guy who recommended the game back then. He didn't appreciate the fact that I called him on a regular basis in the middle of the night because I couldn't solve a riddle.

Can't wait for my kid to be old enough so I can show her this game.

Walt Disney
Dear Ron. I would love to sell you Monkey island. I read about your desire to make another game and I think you should do it. I'll sell the ip to you for 30,000$ .

Ron Gilbert
Great! Here is my credit card number, expiration date and security code:

4342 5687 3672 1289

How'd you get Donald Trump's credit card details Ron?

What the...!?

They're MY credit cards details.

Ok my overdraft can buy the IP.


Well you might scoff, but I do know my credit card number by heart (and no I'm not joking). It begins with 5, the CCV begins with 8 and the expiry begins with 0 and ends in 2019.

So if I have a hankering to buy your new game (once released) I can do it without ever having to look at my card. Think of the convenience! In truth it does come in handy when shopping online.

I wonder if Ron used one of those "credit card number generator" programs popular in the mid-90's among the less-than scrupulous people! To those who don't know what I'm talking about, this was at a time when online retailers would often use an algorithm to verify the card-number was "genuine" before being manually entered into an eftpos machine offline. I doubt you could get goods like that - after all as soon as the number is entered it's shown to be false - but you could use it to flood your competitors with 100's of invalid online orders they would have to individually check. Ah, those were days. And, that's just like something Guybrush would do!

A while ago I had a telemarketer call me and tell me "I'm calling to tell you you're going to have a discount on your next phone bill". So I said "thank you so so much", he tried to speak I said "no thank you, this really means a lot to me" he tried to speak I said "I've been waiting for a discount for a very long time thank you very very much". When I let him speak he said I had to move to his company I said "Not a problem!". So he asked me "do you have a a credit card" - "of course I've got a credit card" I said. "What type of card is it" he asked I said "Elmo-card". He said "what type" I said "Elmo card".

Barely able to contain my laughter he said "what type of card is that" I said "surely you take Elmo-card the most commonly used credit card in Australia?" So he asked for the number I said (something like) "5353-51331-3353-3535" (he then asked me to repeat the number twice, which I did) "I'm sorry there seems to be a problem with the credit card number, do you have another card?" I said yes of course, this time I gave him a slightly different number, something like "5535-5335-3335-5335" (and yes it really was just 5s and 3s).

Anyway, then after that didn't work either I said "you do realise this isn't my phone-line?" He hung up! LOL Ah that was hilarious (it wasn't my phone either it was a work phone and he'd never asked if it was mine, LOL).

You should definitely incorporate some kind of joke based on this into Thimbleweed, just make sure you credit where you got the idea from! If you do it right it will be really really annoying for the player, which I think is a great idea!

Iron Curtain
Seems Legit.

Awesome game. :)


I'm a huge fan and love Monkey Island, but I feel that you are setting up a scenario that will never happen by demanding to own the IP of Monkey Island.  Lately Disney has been giving the LucasArts back catalogue far more attention than latter day LucasArts ever did.  If Disney allowed you to make your own Monkey Island 3 with full creative control and "final cut" rights, would you consider it?  I would love to see your true vision of how Monkey Island was supposed to end.  I need to know the true secret of Monkey Island before I die.  It's on my bucket list.

Happy Birthday Monkey Island. I was several years late (we didn't get our first PC until 1997, and for some reason I never saw the Amiga version) and ended up playing 2 and 3 before it, but the series is near and dear to my heart. In many ways it did make me the man I am today, and I'm not joking! Thanks Ron!

Happy Birthday Monkey Island and thank you for the great memories that you give me, looking back at my childhood (and my Amiga 600, which was stupid, because you couldn't play "Indiana Jones and the last Crusade" (but who needs "Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, when it was possible to play "Monkey Island").

Happy Bday! :)

The Silent Man
It would take me a book to explain what Monkey Island means to me, how it deeply affected my fantasy, my childhood and even my daily life and how it still does, decades after.
In 2015, at the age of 29, I still use dozens of quotes from the games and swordfighting insults on daily basis (yes, nearly everyone who knows me ends up loving or at least knowing Monkey Island). This very morning I remember using the sentence "Hai le maniere di un mendicante!", the italian translation for "You have the manners of a beggar!".
Artworks of Guybrush are still hanging on these walls, my library is filled with different versions of all games (including the big 5.25" floppy versions), official hint books, (no longer) talking voodoo dolls, bottle-shaped t-shirts and a home-made rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. I often wear Monkey Island t-shirts, including the rare one that says "It's a great day for spitting" with the relief green spit on the front.

I would spend a fortune to let another Monkey Island 3 see the light. Maybe it's never too late for it (as you can see) but time flies and it's time to reach with a decision - which leads me to some questions:

1) Current situation is worse than my nightmares could be: Monkey Island is property of one of the world's most valuable brands, which probably is not interested in selling the IP.
Is it "impossible" to have another Monkey Island without owning the IP?
I mean, is it better to let Mickey Mouse tread on Guybrush and never let another Monkey Island 3 make history (and perhaps the never-achieved commercial success it deserved)?

2) There are thousands and thousands of fans - and the power of the internet which you didn't have back in the '90s.
How can we, the people, help making it? Besides the crowd-funding campaign (which would make history), what can we actually do to make it happen? And I mean actually.

I don't see what's the point in keep talking and dreaming about it... if there is no chance to see it and no plans to try and make it coming true. It's time to get started... or forget about it and keep playing the timeless masterpieces.

Thanks for changing my life!

HBMI! About MI3a... Is there a possibility to make MI3 with altered names? "The Island" with "Mr. T" and "Chuck"?

Paul Reiche
Ron, my kids and I bonded over Monkey I & II.  Your game's  conversation structure and writing were inspiring to what we did in Star Control II, as was the art of your dither-god, Mark Ferrari.  Thank you so much for putting the love, sweat and cuckoo-for-cocoapuffs into your games.  Keep it up.

Archon with Monkey Island characters, please!

I still remember the day as a kid I was playing prince of persia and my neighbor at the time talked to me about another game that was much better... I couldn't believe it, but when I started playing Monkey Island it literally changed my life. I was 10 or 11 back in the early 90's living in Barcelona, Spain... currently 33 and now  a senior manager at a company in Palo Alto, CA and I would have never made it this far without the inspiration from your games. Just this morning I was thinking of how I still approach overcoming challenges in my life the way I did in the game. It would be an honor to meet you some day and would love to see more versions of Monkey Island. Can we get a petition going for Disney to release the license? I heard they want to keep it to themselves because they basically ripped off the concept to make Pirates of the Caribbean?

No way. The attraction exists since 1967. It is MI that was inspired by Disney in the first place. But just imagine a MI attraction ! Or even better: a MI park.

MI1 is not the best game ever (that award goes to Civilization) but is THE game of my youth, THE game my heart bleeds for. Playing it is just like watching the Goonies again. It smells like bananas and hot sand... and grog.
Like people already said, we must make a petition and prove to Disney that if they let Ron Gilbert make a MI3a it will be... well... the best day of my gamer's life. But that's already something.

Thank you Ron!

I bought the game in a shop and then sat on my bed holding the box every day for a month while I waited for my Amiga's memory extension to arrive by mail...it was worth every second, and these days seeing a screenshot almost makes me choke up with the happy memories...

Dear Mr. Gilbert!

Just two words ... THANK YOU!

P.s.: TANK YOU EVEN MORE for my great childhood with your games! Loved Monkey Island from the beginning and still love it! :)

Greetings from Germany

To me a fundamental part was the music. Of course the art and the humor. But those moment wouldn't stay with me for the rest of my life without that sort of reggae.

Also, I learned english because of MI. And the first game I developed (with Amos on an Amiga500) was an adventure. And whenever I visit Sardinia I always think I am in some MI island. Thanks Ron

Learned English by playing Lucasfilm games? Check! (Although it was by playing Zak- I'm almost 40 now)
Insult swordfighting! I remember seeing an advertisement for MI in a game magazine in 1990. But we didn't have an "IBM compatible " -as PCs were generally referred to at the time. So there was this kid in my class at school who did and he had a copy of MI!! Just talking about it was thrilling!
So I first finished Maniac Mansion and Zak on C64, and then went on to buy monkey madness (MI+MI2 VGA CD-ROM) a few years later. A few years later, I remember downloading images of CMI on the university computers which were connected to this new thing called the internet. So probably my first Google search was Monkey Island or Lucasarts or so. Of course Google didn't exist, perhaps it was a yahoo search on Netscape. I only remember it taking ages. Yes, I did like curse of MI. Anyway, a few years back, at work I suddenly hear this mobile ringtone, just a few notes before my colleague picks up, and I went: "all right, MI!". Recently played the special editions- after 20 years I did forget most of the puzzles, so it did feel like playing them again for the first time!! Interestingly I also made the same errors, getting stuck and only remembering "wait, this looks familiar". Spitting contest!!
Currently playing Tales of MI for the first time. And installed MI an MI2 of my monkey madness CDROM onto the android of my daughter, so she can play them and learn some English. Circle is completed.
Happy birthday Guybrush, Elaine, Herman, Voodoo Lady, Meathook, Carla, Otis, Lemonhead, Stan, three important looking pirates TM, men of lower moral fiber, Fettuccini brothers,... And all those monkeys- especially the three-headed kind! Yipes!

Learned English by playing Lucasfilm games? Check! (Although it was by playing Zak- I'm almost 40 now)
Insult swordfighting! I remember seeing an advertisement for MI in a game magazine in 1990. But we didn't have an "IBM compatible " -as PCs were generally referred to at the time. So there was this kid in my class at school who did and he had a copy of MI!! Just talking about it was thrilling!
So I first finished Maniac Mansion and Zak on C64, and then went on to buy monkey madness (MI+MI2 VGA CD-ROM) a few years later. A few years later, I remember downloading images of CMI on the university computers which were connected to this new thing called the internet. So probably my first Google search was Monkey Island or Lucasarts or so. Of course Google didn't exist, perhaps it was a yahoo search on Netscape. I only remember it taking ages. Yes, I did like curse of MI. Anyway, a few years back, at work I suddenly hear this mobile ringtone, just a few notes before my colleague picks up, and I went: "all right, MI!". Recently played the special editions- after 20 years I did forget most of the puzzles, so it did feel like playing them again for the first time!! Interestingly I also made the same errors, getting stuck and only remembering "wait, this looks familiar". Spitting contest!!
Currently playing Tales of MI for the first time. And installed MI an MI2 of my monkey madness CDROM onto the android of my daughter, so she can play them and learn some English. Circle is completed.
Happy birthday Guybrush, Elaine, Herman, Voodoo Lady, Meathook, Carla, Otis, Lemonhead, Stan, three important looking pirates TM, men of lower moral fiber, Fettuccini brothers,... And all those monkeys- especially the three-headed kind! Yipes!

Learned English by playing Lucasfilm games? Check! (Although it was by playing Zak- I'm almost 40 now)
Insult swordfighting! I remember seeing an advertisement for MI in a game magazine in 1990. But we didn't have an "IBM compatible " -as PCs were generally referred to at the time. So there was this kid in my class at school who did and he had a copy of MI!! Just talking about it was thrilling!
So I first finished Maniac Mansion and Zak on C64, and then went on to buy monkey madness (MI+MI2 VGA CD-ROM) a few years later. A few years later, I remember downloading images of CMI on the university computers which were connected to this new thing called the internet. So probably my first Google search was Monkey Island or Lucasarts or so. Of course Google didn't exist, perhaps it was a yahoo search on Netscape. I only remember it taking ages. Yes, I did like curse of MI. Anyway, a few years back, at work I suddenly hear this mobile ringtone, just a few notes before my colleague picks up, and I went: "all right, MI!". Recently played the special editions- after 20 years I did forget most of the puzzles, so it did feel like playing them again for the first time!! Interestingly I also made the same errors, getting stuck and only remembering "wait, this looks familiar". Spitting contest!!
Currently playing Tales of MI for the first time. And installed MI an MI2 of my monkey madness CDROM onto the android of my daughter, so she can play them and learn some English. Circle is completed.
Happy birthday Guybrush, Elaine, Herman, Voodoo Lady, Meathook, Carla, Otis, Lemonhead, Stan, three important looking pirates TM, men of lower moral fiber, Fettuccini brothers,... And all those monkeys- especially the three-headed kind! Yipes!

Dang you slow mobile internet! Sorry for the double repost , I thought the add comment button was broken.

I played all the monkey island games,i love the first one,for me was the jokes,also loved Loom.
2 and 3 were fun,the new ones ...well imho crap,the script i mean.

Its sad that Disney have his claws on MI....i miss the 80's
All now its about money and a sure bet.

Sorry 1 mean 1 and 2,...3rd and the rest...well they are like just boring.

Flavio Barisone
The best adventures games I've ever played...hope in my dreams to see other adventures like that.

Alejandro Drabenche
I loved this game since the first second. Even when the anti-piracy protection started

"When was this pirate hunged in Barbados".

The music... the graphics, the jokes. Also, i remember played it with my brother. That day was a complete celebration, we moved our Hercules screen to the living room over the table and started playing.

God... what an incredible memories...

Antonio Tilocca
Happy birthday Monkey Island!! It brings back great memories. By far the best adventure game of all times (MI 1 & 2). Fantastic combination of plot, music, graphics, atmosphere, humour, everything was in there. Incredible work and it was done with the limited means available 25 years ago! Thank you Ron Gilbert, thank you forever.

Javier Soto
Thanks for makeing the game I'm not gonna write that this game changed my life or it gave me hope. I'm just really glad I got to play it because I think it's a part of gameing history. My point been that there is a before and after in time after this game.

I used to get the LucasArts newsletter along with the Sierra one, but I can't remember what either was called. They're still in storage. I had the Indy Last Crusade game that I saved up for, and played until I had figured out every last thing about the game. I once drew a picture of my dream computer that had six floppy drives in it because we didn't have a hard drive and I didn't know what one was. Because Please Insert Disk 1,2,3,4,5,6 - all the disks are inserted at the same time!

Anyway, as a broke preteen in the late 80s/early 90s I only had a few hints about this crazy game. I'd buy game magazines just to get a couple of screenshots and comments about a game that might eventually show up in my local store. And that only mattered if I had the money saved up and I could find a way to the mall.

So I finally got Monkey Island and it blew me away. Monkey Island 2 as well, which I didn't even know was coming out. I just happened to find it and happened to afford it, and it was MINE. I remember countless hours in the nebulous space of adventure games, ignoring cries to mow the lawn.

Then I got a sound card (that I to save a huge $200 for) and it made all my games a thousand times better - once I figured out how to install it.  Same thing happened when Sam and Max came out on CD ROM. I bought it only knowing it was going to rule (knew Steve Purcell from the comics in the newsletter). But I hadn't figured out how to get this weird CD drive thing to work yet in my 486. Having the proper motivation, I got that drive working and gamed away that very night.

This was supposed to be about how much I love the original Monkey games, but I think you get it. I'm old.

Ben Widawsky
Like everyone else, thanks and happy birthday! This game [and others] made me want to become a video game programmer that eventually led me into a career as a graphics driver developer.

Next year we can celebrate my learning how to spell the word "Vichyssoise".

I'm glad Monkey Island means a lot to you, because it means a lot to me, too. Thank you for giving us the greatest video game ever made.

I can only say: THANK YOU (and all the team) for having brought Monkey Island to my life.

I have never enjoyed a graphic adventure so much.

Thank you, Ron.

Thank's for all... Great great game...

Monkey Island really means a lot to me... I always carry the games in my phone so I'm able to play them whenever I want... thinking about them reminds me of my youth and gives me a smile when everything seems going sour. So happy birthday MI and happy birthday Guybrush, and Thank you all for creating such a beautiful piece of art.

Money Island is what dreams are made of, yours Mr. Gilbert and millions other kids and adults. Fiction is not always fake, in this case with MK1 you touched what some would call it reality. Its not the graphics but the storyline that touched us all. It was the story of a young man growing to be an adult in a crazy world, it wasn't you mr. Gilbert it was all of us. That you so much not for creating but telling a story that came to you who knows how from somewhere else. Love, the lone adventurer.

KAO floppy discs, seriously? That was about the cheapest brand around, I also used their DAT tapes and later (1995) CD-Rs and remember I liked to call them "Kaos" because of frequent problems.
The Internet did exist in 1990, but of course, not much was going there yet..

I'm 29 yo, first played when I was a little kid. I like to say around that Monkey Island has formed my sense of humor. I wouldn't be who I am today if Monkey Island didn't bump into my life 20 years ago =)

I still compare every other game to Monkey Island.
For me, games need to have the immersion made possible through the story, music, challenges, look and feel of the game.
Monkey Island was like none other, and will always be that game that made me fall in love with games and stories.

Thank you.

Happy Birthday, Monkey Island!

Disney, please call Ron!!!

Happy birthday Monkey Island!

Thank you Ron for still being passionate about adventure games!

Do the floppy disks still work?

I just wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU! I learned reading with the german version of Monkey Island 1 (and how to overcopy the savegame of my dad :D)

Better late than never, Happy Birthday Monkey Island.

Ron thank you for giving me the opportuity to cherish one of the best memories of my childhood.

Those were the days.

Fabian Cuesta
From Buenos Aires, Argebtina, long life to Guybrush Threepwood!

Ian / Nihil Quest
So, I take it, those golden masters were a PC version? Were you involved with Amiga version at all?

I'm Polish, so as a kid I played these games with a walkthrough and even then it was pretty hard - both to play and understand. What an amazing experience it was though. Most of the other games I had access to were arcade, shooters, stuff like that. Story based games were a revelation to me (starting few years earlier with Maniac Mansion on C-64). I actually think Monkey Island and Monty Python are two of the most important things that shaped my sense of humor. How about that!

Monkey island 1 and 2 are special games for me, i loved the story, the characters, the atmosphere , the comedy, the easter eggs, the music... I hope Ron could make MI3a and continue the original series. Anyway, happy birthday! from Argentina.

I've read old posts in which people talk about buying rights, maybe through a kickstart (by the way, why this blog doesn't have a feature to highlight new replies? If you reply to an old post, even an important one like in the section "support" in TP blog, it might be lost in oblivion...).

But I don't think that buying rights could be a realistic option.

The only thing that could happen (who knows) is, if Thimbleweed Park will be a great success, that the owner of the rights of MI could let Mr. Gilbert to direct the new project with total freedom.

It is all a matter of power. If somebody has the power of moving the crowds so much, if his name is feared in every dirty corner of the geek community, if he has such a huge hardcore fans cohort ready to transform such a tiny project a planetary success, then HE has the power to convince a major house that HE is the only person who can put those rights to their best use and give the biggest return they could.

I didn't know Ron's blogs, so I even didn't know he was interested in 2D-point-and-click adventure games anymore...
Now that I know HE IS, why shouldn't I HOPE for a 3rd game?

Or, why shouldn't I DREAM of a deluxe box set with all the three games, a beautiful booklet full of production pictures and notes, and a poster? :-)

Happy birthday.

25 years ago I was 14 when I first played MI and I still love it today. Unlike many games today, MI wasn't an insult to young people's intelligence.

Thanks for making this game (and also MI2).

Monkey Island:

taught me English

helped me detect, and laugh at, the branding culture of our time. At the age of 11. Invaluable.

* influenced my approach to problem-solving in real life. I often use [non-obvious thing] with [implausible gadget] when designing or repairing stuff. It works!

It also made me smile during a difficult phase in my life.

Thanks ♥

Boy, do I remember shipping software in the 90s.  Makes one nostalgic.  When you saw the RC build and CD to Master approaching on the calendar, you knew the end was near.

Ron, I'm sure you've got more than enough resources of your own, but I do have experience with intellectual property law as it relates to software and licensing as well as years of exec management of software projects/businesses.  A deal can always be made and I'd help for free.  Have investment cash as well (and so does your fanbase, from the looks of it).

Also have access to SV-caliber dev/QA/design that could be at your disposal, but I imagine you've got your own peeps.

Who doesn't want to see another Monkey Island??  Nobody, that's who.  Because: Best Game Ever.

What I forgot:
If there's another Monkey Island (albeit the possibilities may be close to zero), please call Michael Land for the music.

In all Reviews, interviews, YT videos, etc. mostly Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, Dave Grossman were mentioned. But without the great soundtrack of Michael Land MI would not be what it is today: a legend.

You're right. Michael Land did an excellent job at the soundtrack, specially in monkey island 2.

This game was the first time I realized the impact of "background music". The music influences the mood of the audience. Playing MI, MI2, DOTT, The Dig, I realized the gravity of background music. It is essentialy to establish the mood. After that I realized it also in movies, but without the "interactivity" of a game - iMUSE was really good at changing the theme and mood of a scene.

Great game and great anyversary and post, i fell in love with this saga, but the 1 and 2 are the best, but i like more the 2 and i think its the "10" game as i cant see any faults for its year.

About creating Monkey Island 3 you have think in use non-commercial intentions, so the license doesn't matters much then, and work for it by yourself slowly and some help here and there, of course there are a lot of people that can do that very well and for free too(im a game creator too), maybe the hardest part had to be to match Michael Land style, althought it can be posible and get help from he too...

Of course today technologies and engines can help a lot, althougth i suppose you lack graphic skills its not a real problem. Its my idea because i have been seeing the real Monkey 3 as just a dream for many time, and maybe it can end as that, and it would be very bad, and with that you can do that...

Sorry for my english its not that good im spanish but its readable. About that monkey island floppies, it may be fun to have a look to the source code too, or the SCUUM maybe?  But i know that floppies die easily so i havent much hope XD

I would love for this to happen, don't think it ever will happen cause of Disney, but I would love it!

You must have a ide about the plot all worked out in that strange mind of yours, and I hope you'll share it with the rest of us one day. Not today, and not this year, just in case I'm wrong and Disney decided to sell you the IP, cause then I want to play it. When Monkey Island gets, lets say 40 lights on its imaginary cake, I hope you'll release the story behind what was suppose to happen in number 3. Me myself, I'll be a old man at that time, but I truly hope my children will find the article and make sure I see it.

Still wondering if all was just a dream, and maybe I'll wake up in a amusement park..

Avalon Hamakei
Hello Mr Ron. Do you remember what the bug was which caused MI to be bumped from testing?

Thanks for all !

Kim Jorgensen
Happy birthday!

This game was the main reason why I wanted to buy an Amiga 500 back in the day.  It turned out to be one of the best adventure games ever made.


mr. T
Happy birthday MI and my humble thanks to the creator!

I think for me the magic was being able to go on a great adventure. And not just an ordinary adventure but a pirate™ adventure! I mean every kid loves pirate™ stories, right? In addition to that the wonderful art, catchy tunes and the witty humor, incredible characters.

All in all I consider Monkey Island almost more organic™ than a software product or a game. It has so much friendly heart and unique soul in it. Art in short. Those disks belong in a museum! :)

Hey people, shouldn't we the fans be doing a petition™ to Disney now? I mean MI just turned 25 and all. Let's celebrate and let them know we want Ron to continue the story? At least something would be more right in the world if the Monkey universe™ would be kept alive and breathing with new addition(s). That being at least a possibility gives me some warm fuzzy feelings. And Thimbleweed Park™ does too.

Hello Ron, I´m 41 years old now, I´m from Bilbao ( Spain ) one of the best remembrance which I have about my teenage was playing Monkey Island with my brother in a old PC,... we spend a lot of hours playing together and when one of us feel stuck the other one take the control while the other tell a lot of ideas to try. The end was one of my best remembrance of my life, and still can close my eyes and see our old room with two beds, some comics, a few books, and Guybrush on the screen. Thanks a lot.

Hi, I'm Luca, I'm 41, and I'm from Rome, Italy.
It's about 40 minutes I'm trying to write something about me, about how I started using Vic20 when I was 8, about what Amiga meant in my life, about when I've put my A1200 in a pc case, about when I've bought AmigaOne, that I resisted till 2005 before I had to buy a PC, that I've learned my weak english using Amiga, that I was in Amsterdam few months ago celebrating Amiga 30th anniversary, that sometimes (often) I still play the original Monkey Island again and again, etc... but I understand that I could never say enough, and I understand that I don't need to say too much 'cause everyone that is writing or reading here already knows and shares my very same feelings.

So...I'll just say thanks to you Ron, to Lucasfilm, to Commodore (damn), to SCUMM, to Stan, to LeChuck, to Elaine, to the Voodoo Lady, to Herman, to Largo, to the Lookout, to Carla. to all the other guys that I'm forgetting now, and of course to my friend Guybrush, for making me spent many, many, many nights dreaming of being a pirate (and I mean it).

I hope you can fix everything with Disney and do a new (real) Monkey Island. Of course I hope for it and I know I will love it, but at the same time I know that it will never be the same, and it's not your fault of course, but mine, because you never forget your first love.

Thanks again Ron, I wake up every single day hating my job and you...look at this page...so many people thanking you after 25 years...you did something huge, and you've changed my life.

Now please....
.....Turn your computer off and go to sleep!


Thanks Ron for Monkey Island!!!

The Secret of Monkey Island I and II original games send me back to my youth and best days in my life.
They've become part of me, my story. As for many other people. Thanks.


leave all the bullshit alone, finish thimbleweed and make some pirate games for us! or what-ever games, just 90's spirit  games, i don't know what people love about monkey island so much, i myself like everything about it, but i know that my desire is so big because it has a genre of itself, it has it's own spirit, it's not in the pixels or the "point and click" genre or whatever.. it's the same as "friends" was to people (not that i dare to compare the two), it just has it's own colors and ambience, and in 2015 when you can piss off the creator straight to his face (sort of) i'm not gonna think too much about the politicly correctness of the approach. if you would love doing more games, it will be fucking awesome. d.kova

I believe Monkey Island saved my life. I was going through a difficult time. The positivity, the funny things, the whole life in this game have been with me for several months in the early nineties. Was bullied in school. Heavily so.

But Monkey Island wasn't just escapism. No. Love the game with all my heart, and do replay it at least once a year. It is true that it can make me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I feel alone and sad. But today, Monkey Island is just ... fun to play. Amazingly fun to play.

Again, I don't know where I would be today, if this game were not around to keep me both occupied and with a smile on my face.


Happy Birthday, Monkey Island!

And thank you so much for endless hours of fun with the game series, Ron and everybody involved in the project.

I played computer games till 1989 and started again 2013, but during the "dark ages" between 1989 and 2013, Monkey Island were the only games I played. This is the truth and LeChuck can keelhaul me if I lie.

Please convince Disney to sell the rights to you. Crowdfund it. I'd be happy to support this project with as much money as I can afford.

I think that Monkey Island was one of the best series in the world of videogames. Fun and Intelligence mixed with a Pirates Tale... thanks Ron for this magic...

Have you contacted Disney about it? Once they say how much they want for the IP, you may start a Kickstarter to collect these money.

I am 37. I think I might have mentioned that here but MI 1 and 2 helped me share a precious time with my mother and grandmother while I was away living overseas. They both got a computer around mid 2000s and one of the first things I did is to have them play MI. That also helped me replay the game myself through them. They also had forbidden to check any tutorial, I was their hint book. I will never forget those experiences. I don't want to sound dramatic but the reality is that my grandmother is now with alzheimer and in her last days so having that memory of enjoying a great time together that I couldn't get by other means is priceless. Thanks Ron.

Man, time flies. Me and my mate Steffen had such a great time with this game back when we were in 9th grade and got hold of a copy. And it is forever entangled in our shared lingo and internal jokes. Happy Birthday!  

*Ps. This game made us buy everything that carried the name Ron Gilbert anywhere on the box.

Disney ran with the storyline and created a movie franchise out of it. They are not going to let you anywhere near MI.

Thanks for these great games! Still have fun with them..... (for 25 years now ;) ). Monkey Island 3 would be awesome if it happens! another part of Maniac Mansion could also be a hit! ;)

A great classic! I agree with what others have said, it contributed to me learning english :D

Monkey Island was my first venture into adventure games and to this day, I still pull my old trustworthy Amiga 500 out of the closet to play Monkey Island. And every time I still feel the same nostalgia while playing. It will always be my favorite game. A huge thank you from me to you and your team on making an experience that still to this day makes me smile and laugh.

I hope Disney will hear your request for selling the rights to you and do so. It is a complete waste if the rights to these amazing characters will just forever sit in a file cabinet, never to be used. These characters mean a lot to a lot of people. I would love to play the final chapter of the Monkey Island trilogy - from the minds of the people from whom these characters were thought out.

Happy anniversary SoMI!!!!! I remember playing with my Hercules monitor. It used a strange resolution on my 8086 (XT) machine.

Monkey Island was the defining game of my childhood, and its sense of fun, atmosphere and exploration still informs my creative decisions today. Thank you Ron and the team, and happy anniversary!

Happy Birthday!! Monkey Island is one of my great childhood memories. The graphics! The music! The... oh, my cup has melted again.

Today I'm an "industry veteran" myself, but I don't think anything I create is nearly as awesome and influential than what you guys have given us.

Thank you very much!

This is easily solved:

1: Everybody signs and shares this: https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-give-the-monkey-island-intellectual-property-to-ron-gilbert?source_location=petitions_share_skip
ii: The social media snowball starts rolling, and 1.7 billion people sign the petition
iii: Disney begs Ron Gilbert to take the IP, throwing in a few millon bucks for having defiled his IP with their greasy fingers
iv: monkey3.exe


That's the spirit!

Miguel Alonso
Just want to say one thing. THANK YOU!!!

Luca Parlanti
The best game. I have no words to tell you what it means for me. Only...i'm Guybrush, I go in an pirate ship from 25 years, I dream Monkey Island from much time, before this game exists, you have gave shape of my dreams. So...thanks. These sensations will walk with me slowly and sweetly in my last trip. Forever.

Marc Muntada
Happy birthday!!

I am 33 now but I remember playing it when I was around 10. As there was no Internet, we used to comment with friends how to overcome the difficult parts during the playground time..it was amazing when after some days we could "unlock" some part of the game.

I am replaying the game as a hommage to it and I also pledged for Thimbleweed park to have the joy of playing something similar again.

Thanks Ron for giving this to the world.

Alejandro Cuba Ruiz
Happy birthmonth, Guybrush, Elaine, LeChuck, Ron... and the rest of Monkey Island dev team! You've made the best adventure EVER!
Thank you so much for delivering the real Caribbean to us.

See you at Phatt Island Waterfall!

Johnny Walker
Thanks for creating MONKEY ISLAND, Ron. It's a game I've loved ever since I read the review of it in AMIGA POWER, shortly before I got my first 16-bit computer for my birthday (an Amiga).

I LOVED the game from the opening moment. It was just perfect from start to finish. It had a wonderful game world, threw in an earnest and likeable lead, and then never ruined that world -- something that could have easily happened. It never got overly cynical. It never lost its sense of humour. It didn't decide halfway through that it needed to get "dark" and "serious" in order to make a point. It remained consistently delightful.

Every secondary character fell into a recognizable archetype that also somehow felt fresh and different, too. There was a Sword Master on Melee Island, a pirate with such skill with a sword that nobody could beat. In another game, the character would be a dull trope. A sage monk-like warrior, perhaps, who spoke in Zen parables. Or maybe, a terrifying, booze sodden Captain, called "Death Beard". A maybe a gigantic barbarian with a giant broadsword.

In Monkey Island she was called Carla.

Monkey Island did that sort of thing a lot. The world Guybrush inhabited was a fun place that loved playing with your expectations. And Guybrush himself was just as lovable -- earnest, funny and not in the least bit jaded.

There was a lot to love in Monkey Island, and even now I'm approaching 40, I still boot it up and let myself love it again.


Happy birthday, Monkey Island!
And thanks Ron and to all of you that made us dream!

Marco from Italy

Still playing it, still loving it, still inspiring in my own works : my amateur point & click games and my pirates stories ! Thank you Ron !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Monkey Island!!!

Maybe Monkey petition for Disney would be a good idea?

maybe if enough people signed, they would evaluate it being a worthwhile gesture.
but if it gained even more popularity they'd take it back and turn it into Pirates of the Caribean  bred with star wars and toy story

ps: i think there are some bugs in the Seckrit Question code

ps... or some serious bugs in my brain's math library

Ron, I cannot express how much the Monkey Island games mean to me. They have always been an enduring factor in my life, bringing them out whenever I can. Just the other day my fiancée saw a place near London called Monkey Island and could not wait to show me as it can be used as a wedding venue! It's that engrained into my existence!
Anyway Happy Birthday Monkey Island - See you at the Scumm bar for a Grog on me!

Congrogulations!! A big whoop whoop!!

Cedric French
I am a french player. I played all the LucasArts games. Monkey Island 1 and 2, Loom ... Monkey Island was my first adventure game. It was on the Atari ST and I remember like it was yesterday. I would like to regain that feeling as we had in discovering a LucasArts!

Mr Gilbert thank you! Thank you for dozens of hours of joy, adventure and humor that you have given me for so many years. And I cross my fingers for a real suite for the Monkey Island series. And why not a new Loom ... The hope is to live ...


Never had so many laughs as with MI...
Threepwood, Thriftweed, Peepwood and Mancomb Seepgood ROFLMAO
Even those simple things were of rare quality back then (and still).
Can't wait for Thimbleweedpark to come out....oh the anticipation :D
Thanks for it all and many congrats on the 25th, yoho and a bottle of RUM.

Juan C Rodriguez
Felicidades Monkey Island! Es la mejor aventura grafica que ha existido nunca. Gracias a ella pude hacer una gran amistad que perdura hasta hoy con el gran Juanmi Vallejo.

Ojala hagais la siguiente. Disney, dale los derechos, que se note que tu fundador era de Almeria!

Rishabh Dangwal
Happy Birthday Monkey Island : ) Thanks for making my childhood memorable & worthwhile.


Great games, great memories.

Thanks Ron. Thinking of MI everytime my mobile phone rings (made my own ringtone from the music)

Michal Marek
Damn. How did you know that i've learned english because of Monkey Island, huh?
Thank you for this. Game, Blog, everything Ron! Thank you very much!

i just thought about it that it's like Gol.D Roger started a pirate age in one piece and Monkey island started one in the 90's
that's cool

I celebrated with this: http://imgur.com/y97ZIJ7 :-)

Luis Ornia
Happy birthday!!! for one of my fav games ever on my first computer.
I have a question as fan of retro games and abandonware. Ron do you have any idea if the Sega CD version of Fate of Atlantis will be released some day in the next future ?
Sorry if is not the subject of the post, but i always wondered why this game was unreleased when iam sure it was finished and ready to sell. Is just a shame this gem never seen the light, wich is for me my two fav aventure games ever.
Thanks for be part of my chilhood and memories Ron :)

Remembering this game fondly. The amazing tone set through  settings and music. But especially ofcourse the humor. Felt like humor above all.. if a good puzzle lacks the humor element it's not a monkey puzzle. Love that approach which.seems rare unfortunately.

To all you guys comparing mi to the carribean movies. Perhaps you're joking but there is no way in hell the rights to the game and the movies share any part because of some plot/character similarities. The basic plot isn't very complex at all. Good versus evil, here in the shape of a pirate and a ghost-pirate. Hard to copywrite simple basic premises like that. And it's not what makes this game great. Really.

Peter Hoogeveen

Maybe you could do a 'Get funds for claiming the rights from Disney' Kickstarter campaign? :D

I am a french programmer who's working in the video game since 2002. Monkey Island I is the main reason why I wanted to learn programming in the '90 to make games.

Thank you Mr. Gilbert !

Hi, Ron! Happy birthday to Monkey Island and thanks for this piece of art in the history of videogames.

I'm from Spain, sorry for my horrible english. I knew "The Secret of Monkey Island" in 1999. In an era with 3D graphics, I fell in love with this world of pirates, voodoo, ghosts, grog and monkeys. I played "Monkey Island 2" inmediatly too. I played "Monkey Island" every weeks throught the years. This games are important in the history of videogames and they are funny, magic and uniques.

When I discovered "Monkey Island", I was in a bad time of my life, I was depressing. But "Monkey Island" made me laugh and helped me to recover.

I was obsessed about "the secret" during years, I was too much nights without sleep, thinking about it, making theories. It's fascinating. I would love to see a "Monkey Island 3a". I hope that the luck be with you and you would can get the rights. Thanks for the magic of "Monkey Island".


To Disney:

Please, people of Disney, can you help to Ron to make another "Monkey Island" game? Can you sell the rights to him? I think that the world would be a better place with a "Monkey Island 3a". The people would be a bit more happy with a "Monkey Island 3a". And everybody would love more Disney and Ron Gilbert with "Monkey Island 3a". We need a bit of magic in this world. We deserve something good. I will send you a chicken with a pulley in the middle if you sell the rights to Ron. Thanks.

Happy Birthday, Monkey Island!
I guess the only way to convince Disney to sell the rights is to insert the disk 22 and press Button...

Thank you Very much for wonderfull unforgetable mighty pirate adventerures!
Long live Guybrush!

Happy birthday Monkey Island!! and thank you Ron for this amazing and "never old" game. Thanks

I was one of the people who learnt English by playing MI! Happy birthday and thank you for being such an awesome part of my childhood.

It's still weird to know that Monkey Island is only a year older then myself. Unfortunatly I can't remember Monkey Island 1 clear, but I know that I knew it and the whole game was familiar when I replayed as teeanger it myself not only watching my older brother playing it. I remember those neat copyright saftey thingys though.
For that I can remember Monkey Island 2 clearly. Guybrush in his nice blue coat, Wally B. Feed - of whom I though he had one big eye because my kid self didn't realize it was his monocle - and of course Zombie LeChuck. Oh, Zombie LeChuck this small pixaleted sprite, as kid he frightend me with his goofy walk cycle, spitting while talking and chasing you through this strange underground tunnle. These last scences of Monkey Island 2 give me slight creeps till this day and it's fantastic! Also that telephone in the deep jungle of Dinky Island is not to forget. I don't know what the lady in the orginal english version says as I only ever played the german version, but in the german version she complained that the translaters were having nightmares as they didn't know how to translate all the puns.
With this: Happy Birthday Monkey Island and thank you Ron Gilbert for creating such an awsome game with so many lovable characters (Wally B. is my favorite till this day, I don't know why)! I will pressing my thumbs forever that Disney will make a Monkey 3a possible!

From what I hear, working at Disney isn't so bad really. You get your own shackle and there's a lot of morale-raising choir practice with that "Black sleep of Kali" a cappella group. Don't know about their dental plan though.

Christina from Greece
Happy birthday to the best graphic adventure ever,

I loved that game and i love it still today.

I was 14 years old when I was infected by the Monkey Island virus, and the one or the other puzzle that even in the sleep still employed has!

I had it on the Amiga, later also on PC, and still today it is on my mobile and also on my steam account as a Special Edition.

Thank you Ron.

I will pressing my thumbs too, that Disney will make it true...
and then.... do it again please ;)

best regards and may the Grog be with you! ;)

Thanks, Ron.

Hey, you could do Monkey Island 3a with completely changed title and character names and sprites and Internet people will do patches that will change that into proper Monkey names and sprites and you will be completely clear with law issues.
Of course those internet patches will be hardly legal, but it wont be your foult at all :)

Smart, smart, SMART idea. Thumbs and alluxes up.

Stewart Cook
The Monkey Islands games have had a massive influence on our family with our eldest (now 23) only a few weeks ago talking about wanting to play them again!  Our 14 year old has been through them and there is now a Christmas holidays tradition in our house to play them in the front room.  Our 11 year old Jenna is really looking forward to playing for the first time!  With Eve just 4 she will have her time too.

We also had 2 rabbits, named by our eldest, called Guybrush (still going strong) and Otis (sadly died last year).


Sorry to hear about Otis, hope he found a good fate in the Crossroads!

It's obvious to me why the game was successful, hindsight notwithstanding. The humor, plot, art and music are all timeless and immersive.

Comedy is probably the most difficult element to judge. It depends on so many factors: audience, atmosphere, timing, delivery. And it's not so much that the individual jokes carry so much weight (I can hold my breath for ten minutes!), it's that the overarching comedy of failures between Guybrush and LeChuck played out so well.

Nevertheless, good comedy requires clever writing, and Monkey Island was as witty as any of its time. Captain Smirk alone is exemplary of the game's spot-on sarcasm.

The art and music still stand the test of time; perhaps you and I are only two of the few who still enjoy pixelation or MIDI, but the original compositions of this masterpiece are alive and well today. The other games emulate the Secret of Monkey Island as opposed to spinning new themes or visuals. Curse, Escape, and Tales are all direct predecessors of the first, and it's not because they didn't hire good writers.

For anyone who hasn't yet discovered them, there are Talkie editions of the first two games available. They are fantastic. Playing the originals with the professional voices feels like playing an advanced version of the game (like the Special Edition CD-ROM of TIE Fighter). And the vocal cast is outrageously talented (James Arnold Taylor and Jess Harnell to name a couple, plus the original cast all the way back from Curse).

I really encourage anyone to play the Talkie editions if you haven't yet.

Thanks Ron.

Something I always wandered as a kid...

On the back of the box of my game there was a screenshot of a close-up of the dog in the Scumm bar. But never find it in the game.... why? It did appear again in the SE....
And, by the way: why the sunset on the harbor of the EGA edition disappeared in the VGA version? I was loading the VGA edition for the first time, woandering how awesome would it have been in 256 colors... how disappointed I was to discover it was missing... :-D

These letters are heartmelting.

Oh man. Happy anniversary.

Wow, 25 years ago I was 2 years old and I'm still a huge fan of Monkey Island! Monkey Island is one of my favorite franchises of all time. Thank you Ron for sharing the story of the gold master copies and everything that went into the development and finalization process.

This game never gets old ! Thank you Ron for making my childhood better. For me both 2 first part are best games ever ! Best regards !

Happy Birthday MI and tanks to the makers of the game. Fond memories.

Also I would love to get my hands on a gold master of Monkey Island 1.

Know where I could by one? :p

Leo Friend
Happy anniversary. Q: Did you pack your own luggage. A: Mostly - except for these disks they gave me.

Francesco Favia
I guess that this italian guys wanted to give thir own tribute to Monkey Island... as far as I know... this is the best fan video


I hope you are going to have a look at that Ron

That's my letter and picture! Ron - I can't believe you kept it. I was 9 when I sent that. Majorly cool. Thanks for the awesome memories and for being my pen pal back in the day!

Reinaldo Chacon
I don't know if this is relevant. But I learned to speak english for this game. I couldn't get a copy in spanish, so I play it with a dictionary to my side. Part of the process was to translate the phrases no matter how crude, then tackle the puzzles.

Happy birthday guys ! ;) I'm clearly loving it. Thank you for this awsome game. Alot of memories about it !!

Enjoy the anniversary guys! This game helped me alot with my english learning.. ;) even if i'm not done with it yet ! ahah

Joyeux anniverssaire !
MI2 will always be on of my most important chillhood memory. I discovered the game in a magazin as gift when i was living on the carribean island of Sint-Maarten and it is still a huge source of inspiration.

Happy birthday.
Played mi2 on the iPad yesterday. Still better than every meaningless game-app. I love the peaceful, nonviolent and funny atmosphere. It's a little bit weird, but sometimes i only listen to the soundtrack and begin to dream of a another great adventure in the caribbean.

Happy birthday Monkey Island!! and thank you Ron for this amazing and "never old" game. Thanks

I have so many good memories about Monkey Island!

Same as the story you told about the guy who played with his dad, some of those memories are kinda attached to my dad also. Back in 1992 i had long morning walks to school with my dad, i remember that in many of those walks we chatted about ideas on how to advance in the game, or how i've achieved something the day before. He used to give me hints, then i'd return to home on the afternoon and try the new ideas. Today  i treasure those talks with my dad in my memory for the rest of my life :')

Thanks Ron for the great times!

I just learned the strange pictures of Mr. Threepwood & Co. floating around last year were actually promotional material for a Monkey Island™ theatre play in a small venue in Halle, Germany.


I heard for this years (barely reached) krautfunded rendition the costumes were overly improved, but you can see a glimpse of the play from 2014 here:


Very strange indeed.^^ Unfortunately it resembles the special edition, as their heads are not pixelated at all :)

I grew up with Monkey Island and I've never played such a good story game again. Hopefully their will be a Monkey Island 3a to finish the real MI story. Especially the humor of this game is incomparable. You can sit in your room by your own and start laughing for 10 minutes. The clash between the Cannibals,  LeChuck and Herman is hilarious.

Memo to Disney: Can you give the rights for MI3 to Ron Gilbert? Pretty plaese with sugar on top

I just want to thank you for creating The secret of monkey island. It was the first game Ive ever played and im still playing it 25 years later. IF you want to know, the most important thing of monkey it was the humor in it, and i think that the others monkey (3,4, tales) lost that, they kept repeating jokes and made nothing new. So, do that again! thanks.

Doing a Monkey Island 3a game would be the best. About the rights, maybe it's excessive to ask for full rights of the licence, no ? I mean, it's Disney, and they do not like to give away their licence that mean value, even if the serie is sleeping for now Disney side. Isn't it possible to agree just making this game, and leaving the licence to Disney?

Anyway, there's a petition to Disney, claiming giving the rights to Ron Gilbert :

Happy Birthday to one of the truest all-time classics of all all-time classics...SOOO MUCH LOVE FROM GERMANY! Can`t await Thimbleweed Park, keep cool Ron!

Patrik Spacek
Disney wants to get Monkey Island IP to Ron Gilbert!!  I wanna be part of it!!

Nico Niewöhner
You have to bring out a new Adventure.
Whether it is Monkey Island three or another day of the tentacle.
We need good adventure.
The call for our spirit.
The best way in monkeys island one.
Or what about Full Throttle.
I'm a big fan of challenging adventure.
But I've never found such a good as Monkey Island two.
The best were the many choices. But there no longer possible true in the revised version.
Those were the days.

Nico Niewöhner
Oh, before I forget, Indiana Jones!
Even a perfect adventure.
These are all ideas for thinkers.
The demands of the market today.
My opinion.

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So many memories! the secret of monkey Island is one of my favorite games by far one of the most hard and enjoyfull games I have ever played!

Alberto Carrozzo
I just want to thank you for Monkey Island, one of the best memories of my childhood, and today, I still find inspiration on it, to take life always with irony!

Monkey island for many was not just a game, was pure inspiration!

Thanks again Ron!