Monkey Island Design Notebook Scribblings

Apr 07, 2014

More scans from the Monkey Island Design Notebook. I'm glad I kept these notebooks, it's a good reminder of how ideas don't come out fully formed.  Creation is a messy process with lots of twisty turns and dead ends.  It's a little sad that so much is done digitally these days. Most of my design notes for The Cave were in Google Docs and I edited them as I went, so the process lost. Next game, I'm keeping an old fashion notebook.

Mark Ferrari or Steve Purcell must have done these. I can't draw this good!

A lot changed here!

Getting the Main Flow right is critical!

I'm glad I'm used to have my notebooks closer to me than any kind of digital assistant. They end up being a complete mess, but I love being messy.
what is one + one + three?