Monkey Poster

Jul 18, 2014

More crap from my storage unit.

Print your own today!

Love the Guybrush dress up doll. Classic!

This looks like it's from the Monkey Island 1 era, yet the costumes for the dress-up doll look just like Guybrush's regular outfit and Mardi Gras costume from MI2. Is this a peek into the origins of those designs, or were they already part of MI2 when this was made?

Ron Gilbert
This poster was made after Monkey 1 was released, so Monkey 2 was in production. I can't remember if the costume puzzle had already been created, or if it was inspired from this poster.

Don't you have the original file? :-)

I loved getting a new boxed game and opening it up to find gags, posters, puzzles, comics, stickers, a manual... even the brochures were nice.  I bought some merchandise that way.

There was even the rare instance when the screenshots on the box weren't in the game.  (I'm sure everyone is thinking of Spiffy the Dog in Monkey Island right now.)

I like that GOG gives you a scanned copy of the manual, artwork, wallpapers, soundtracks, avatars, etc.

I'm not complaining though ("Back in my day...").  Not having to stand in line at the store or wait for the post office is amazing.  The option to get the box for extra is sometimes worth it.

If you ever make your Monkey Island 3a, can the graphics please look like this?

T_T I would give anything to have been born before the era of Point & click. They are my favorite genre, I love how the story will develop and puzzles that include.

Fortunately there are still a few being launched.

I wanted to thank you for making games like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Day of tentacle and all the others i haven't played yet. :)

This poster was also featured in the The Adventurer issue 2 a Lucasarts company magazine from back in the day. Issue 2 also feature an interview with you Ron.

You can find some PDF's of it at the link below

update on monkey island 3a?

Is this Steve Purcell's art? If so he would be ideal to be the lead concept artist on a Monkey Island project, Disney should be throwing money at this.

Lennart Richter
Sad there are so few comments on your blog, I love it! Keep going mate, been a huge fan of your work since I started playing video games at the age of 3 which was back in 1992.

Why did they change the look of Guybrush and LeChuck in the remake og MI1 and 2?
Well i guess it is so they are similar to MI3 and 4, but they shouldn't mess with it imo.

Thanks Ron for all! I'm a big big fan of Monkey Island playd on my Amiga 500 ;) such good memories….Ron all the best for you and your drems. Peace for Switzerland

Ron i love this old school Computer style of this blog. Expected nothing less ;)

I just learned there is a map of monkey island rooms describing the iMUSE music transitions. I'll keep the whereabouts of this to myself though. Too many pirates and gold diggers on this blog.

update on monkey island 3a?